“Fintiri is a Glory Hunter and a Fugitive of the law”-Sen Abbo accuses Adamawa Gov.


The last will not be heard of the lingering power tussles between the executive Governor of Adamawa State,Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and the Senator Representing Adamawa Northern District,Sen Ishaku Abbo.

Ishaku during an interview granted to TGNEWS accused Ahmadu as a “glory Hunter and a fugitive of the law” who stole and plundered the state’s coffers to the tune of 2.9 naira in his short lived 74 days in office as an acting Governor.

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The Lawmaker of the red chambers said he have authentic and proven documents of the Governor’s crime records only waiting for his three years impunity to elapse and the law will take its full wrath on him.

”It is no longer news to Adamawa people that he was arraigned on June 30, 2016 for allegedly defrauding the state by laundering money to the tune of N2.9 billion through his naira and dollar bank accounts. In the same vein, he was also accused of making large cash payment for the purchase of landed property in Abuja, and Taraba (specifically Mambilla Highland Farm) during the time he served as acting Governor of Adamawa State. Though we are yet to hear or read if the case is closed. This is a story for another day.” Abbo said

A publication trending on many platforms of the social media by Governor Fintiri’s supporters that transformers donated by North-East Development Commission (NEDC) to Garkida Community was as a result of the lobbies of the Governor had attracted the response of senator Abbo.

Senator Ishaku refuted their claims and revealed that he is the Adamawa Senator in the Committee of Special Duties under which North-East Development Commission (NEDC) and National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) are domiciled.

According to him,he worked out the process of electrifying 46 communities of the Nothern zone which their electricity appliences were destroyed Boko Haram insurgence through NEDC and NEMA of which the Governor is not having a single idea of.

He recalled that On 1st April 2020, young people from Garkida drew his attention to their plight and made him put a call through the NEDC Chairman, had a lengthy discussion with him.

He said his meeting with the NEDC Chairman,Rtd General Paul Tarfa booster his morale and met with the Managing Director of the NEDC and the duo assured him that it would be given an immediate consideration.

“After consistent lobby, and when the transformers were released, the MD, NEDC called me and inform me that the transformers has been purchased.

“In gratitude,on the 4th of May, 2020 I took to my official social media handle to appreciate the management of NEDC for approving the purchase and release of the transformers, and also appreciating the good citizens who called his attention and asked him for help.

“I advice Governor Fintiri should concentrate on working for the People of Adamawa with the huge monies he is receiving from the Government and leave Senators to work in their own capacity under whichever committees for the people of the state.” Abbo said

Abbo further recalled that NEDC gave the approval of over four hundred and thirty million Naira (N430, 000, 000) to reconnect electricity from Mararaba Mubi to Limankara in Madagali Local Government Area, covering forty six (46) communities.

According to him When Fintiri got tipped of the information, He went and brought the Engineer working on Toungo Electricity to climb poles deceiving the poor masses that he is the one doing the project, stopping NEDC from coming to work.

“Today, when the NEDC were delivering the transformers to Garkida Community, Fintiri sent the Commissioner for rural Rehabilitation who joined the convoy on the road, falsely claiming to be the one that got the transformers for them. Fintiri should stop this scam.” He added

The reaction of the Director General of communication and media to Governor Fintiri,Mr Solomon Kumangar posited that Abbo’s childish and immature rants are not worthy of Governor AUF’s response and therefore does not deserve to be dignified with any.

Solomon questioned that what does it matter whether if it is Gov fintiri or Abbo who facitated the provision of the transformers? Besides, the people of the affected communities know and acknowledge that it is Gov. Fintiri who is working for them. Abbo should face His political woes and seek attention elsewhere.

“Between Abbo and Gov. Fintiri, Adamawa people know who their leader is. For emphasis, let Abbo face His Front and not turn Adamawa State into a political casino where every and any political upstart can come and gamble with its fortunes.” Solomon said