BREAKING: Amidst covid-19 lockdown, Boko Haram attacks Adamawa community


Limankanra community of Madagali local government area of Adamawa State was attacked by Boko Haram terrorist at the late hours of Thursday.

A residents who does not want his name to be publish of the community said the attack was grievious as at the moment he cannot confirm the number of deaths because they are many.

Annihilated bodies of the victims of Boko Haram attacks
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He said Limankanra was attacked by Boko Haram evil men on Thursday at about 9 pm and burned houses killed many that he cannot account.

“Thank God for preserving our life, yesterday night in Limankanra we’re on serious Attack by Boko haram through the night” the resident said.

Adding that “for now i cannot confirm the number of deaths but there many”

This is coming Despite the operation of the Military Manning the entire Nothern Senatorial District of Adamawa and the Lockdown order imposed in the State because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

All efforts to get the reaction of the Military in operation in Madagali and Michika failed.

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