Social media was awashed with yet another wink in the dark by Ishaku Abbo and his errand dogs barking where they smell no bone.

It is no news that Abbo in his clueless mindset enviously with no facts hitting off target with an intent to derogate Gov AUF’s determination in reshapping and transforming Adamawa state, which the people of Adamawa attested to that.

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Abbo’s recent ranting on social media was unconnected with the recent procurement of power transformer to Garkida town by NEDC, which His Excellency Alh Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri out of his wisdom lobbied and ensured his request was honored and the consignment touched the ground in Garkida town. The idea of providing Garkida with a brand new transformer by His Excellency, followed a distruction by Boko Haram insurgents and that the people of Garkida town forwarded their request for a replacement to enable them welcome back power supply in the area.

I described Abbo’s ranting as wasted energy since he can not provide a visible communication between him and the North East Development Commission as thus can be seen attached to this post. If he feels Gov Fintiri hijacked the glory, as chairman house committee on special duties he should fetch out those snitch at NEDC who betrayed him and gave the glory to Fintiri, and should start pointing his accusing finger to the chairman of the commission who happens to be from Garkida.

Sometimes, being a dullard is worse than contracting COVID-19, and as such I will like to advise Ishaku Abbo’s urchins to help in providing psychiatric diagnosis on their pay master rather than telling people of Adamawa a blatant lies trying to rape where they didn’t sew.

Ishaku’s intent for public distraction can not deter Fintiri from his ambition to solidify dividends as promised Adamawa people.

To me this is just nothing but madness of the highest order by a misroad senator.

The big question here is that why Abbo always trying to identify himself with a project that he hasn’t initiated? Why is it that people of Adamawa Northern Zone up till now can not pinpoint a project done by Ishaku Abbo? Is really Ishaku protecting interest of his people or is there at the Senate boxing with an abstract?

It is shameful indeed to see a whole senator foaming about just THREE transformer, when the world are battling to contain with an invisible pandemic, where he the so-called senator failed in his cooperate responsibility.

I said shame on his cohort who are only based in Abuja without having any knowledge of Adamawa happening but join in the blinded criticism. Summarily, Gov Fintiri requested for the transformer from NEDC, lobbied for it and it has been procured and delivered to Adamawa state government, so what next?

Abubakar Idris Papah
Writes in Yola.