You lied,You Inaugurated PDP Officials amidst Lockdown in Taraba community,not a reconciliatory visit as claimed-Kabri concern citizen accuses Oliver


A concern citizen of Kabri Ward of Sardauna Local Government Area of Taraba State, Alhaji Ahmed Sani accused the Caretaker Committee Chairman (CTC), Pharm Oliver Wubon to have uttered a disgraceful lies to the people of the state when discovered the blonder he made in the name of inaugurating Ward officials of PDP in Kabri Ward amidst lockdown to curtail the spread of covid-19.

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Sani who accused Wubon of gambling with the life of rural communities of Kabri, Gembu and it’s environs despite the rampaging spread of covid-19 and organised a gathering where locals gathered to witness the inauguration ward party Officials of PDP.

He worried that the inauguration is an act that was not only illegal by the constitution of PDP party but a destructive one considering the life at stake of all people of contacting the global virus.

Ahmed revealed that Oliver actions are in a bid to cover the blonder he committed alongside his collaborators who are desperate Politicians and came up with a press release full of lies to defend himself on why he led the crowd to Kabri.

According to him Oliver should bury himself in shame to must come out to say that he did not have a meeting of such (Inauguration) but rather went for a reconciliatory of two Waring communities over land dispute.

Sani said the baseless claims of Oliver to have intervened of a looming communal Crisis between Ngurr and Kabri over land matter after receiving a distress call is a pirochial liar of the highest order.

He Said :”none of such is happening at the moment between the two villages and the lies he made is tantamount for a disciplinary actions to be slammed on him and all those who participated in the illegal and unofficial inauguration.

“What pains us is that we can’t go to Mosques and Churches to worship God because of the order to stay at home but Politicians are freely congregating in the name of party politics, is PDP the only party in Nigeria? People are being arrested and asked to pay huge amount of money just for opening shops but these Politicians will gather people at this health challenge time the entire world is experiencing and the only solution for now is the stay at home order but selfish politician are doing what they want to do and getting away with it. Justice has to be done because no one is above the law.” Sani said

He continue to say that Wubon is a twenty first century liar who went about conducting the inauguration in the very eyes of all people with pictures and videos of him trending in the social Media, only for him to come up with a nacked liar to cover up the blonder activities he carried out in the name of Party politics at the detriment of the people’s health.

“Does Oliver in anyway suppose to go out for whatever reason? The lockdown is an order from Federal to State governments to curtail the spread of covid-19,but he violated the order went and Inaugurated wards party Officials of PDP. I think this Man is wicked to have exposed our people to the danger of contacting covid19 in the State.” He added

The action of Mr Wubon attracted much condemnation by People from Taraba State in many social media platforms and are calling for a strong disciplinary actions against him and those that made his entourage,and quarantined as while for testing of the Covid-19