COVID-19: Time to Hope, Not Despair,we are winning the war-Ahmadu Fintiri, Adamawa Executive Gov


COVID-19 Pandemic: Time to Hope, Not Despair-Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri
Executive Governor Adamawa State.

Speech of the Executive Governor on the second covid-19 case index in the state.

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Fellow Citizens of Adamawa State
On April, 22nd 2020, I addressed you on the situation of COVID-19 Pandemic in the State. The address, detailed our journey to the global COVID-19 Pandemic map which launched us in with an index case. In the address, I took time to remind everyone in the State that we are in a State of war with the dreadful pandemic.
As a responsible Commander in this war, I have the duty to lead the way in strategy, take decision each minute and give the necessary order that can lead to victory in this onslaught. In the discharge of this responsibility, I honestly require the loyalty and cooperation of not only the troops at the frontline, but the support of every citizen. Thankfully, I have enjoyed a tremendous dose of all these from you. Together, we have navigated difficult moments and survived landmines.
Fellow citizens, from the day I signed the Executive Order that ushered us into the first phase of the 2 Weeks Stay-at-home lockdown, to the time we reviewed the situation and relaxed the restriction order, which was dictated by the situation at that moment, taking into cognizance our economic realities and now back to total lockdown of the entire State, we have enjoyed tremendous support from you. I assure you every decision and action taken have been in good faith and for the collective good of all and strategically based on the valuable counsel of experts. None is deliberately targeted at inflicting hardship on anyone.
To fight the COVID-19 war effectively, we must have a consensus on confidence building. That is the reason why I have made it a point of duty, to give you the COVID-19 Situation Report from time to time. This will complement the efforts of our tireless Containment Committee.
Fellow Citizens, according to the NCDC latest update, as at today, the total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nigeria is 1337; total discharged is 255; while total death is 40. In Adamawa State, up till yesterday, the total case confirmed was 1; total case discharge is 0; and total death is 0. Just when we thought we are doing enough to flatten the curve with the tremendous progress our index case is making toward complete recovery, I received, yet again, another devastating update that out of the 8 samples we have pending at the NCDC Referral Lab in Abuja, 1 turned out positive, 6 are negative an 1 still pending. With this, I regret to announce that we now have 2 COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in Adamawa State.
What is striking about this case, is the fact that it is not linked to the index case. Last week, we sent 8 samples to Abuja. 5 were direct contacts of the index case as traced; while 3 were new suspicious cases who were showing symptoms.
Having additional case in the State is truly worrisome. More disturbing is the fact that the victim is a Medical Doctor in one of our hospitals in Mubi, who must have had contact with many people in the course of discharging his duties lawfully. This indeed places on our shoulder, a herculean task of contact tracing which is not only tedious but strenuous. While the contact tracing is no doubt daunting, more scaring is the fact that we may be sliding into the most dangerous phase of the pandemic, which is Community transmission of the virus. It is on note that our Index Case is a returnee from Kano; and therefore we are certain of how the disease was couriered into the State. But when the case is a doctor, resident in a public hospital with access to colleagues and countless patients, the level of Community Infection can best be imagined.
Fellow citizens, this calls for both caution and action. It reinforces the need to stay safe and adhere to the pandemic’s prevention and management etiquette – Stay at home; if you must go out, wear your mouth and nose mask; uphold personal and environmental hygiene; avoid overcrowding; maintain social and physical distancing; be vigilant and raise alarm whenever you notice any symptom on a neighbor, a family member or yourself. This will go a long way in early detection and possible isolation, where necessary. At this point I hereby declare that the wearing of mouth and nose mask is compulsory for all citizens whenever they go out and in all public functions. Our Disease Surveillance Officers are in all the Communities and they are there to serve you.
At this point in time, what is required is care not fear. Hope not despair. COVID-19 is no doubt real but not big enough to defeat us all. We must collectively, develop a mindset that inspires. Understanding that it is a disease that knows no boundary and protecting any suspicious or confirmed case against stigmatization, marks a fundamental community triumph over the disease. On this note, I want to bring to you the good news that our index case is in stable condition. The Case Management Team is attending to him with the best of care. He is recuperating fast and we hope to have him back in our midst with love very soon.
I appreciate everyone and urge us all to soldier on. Like many others in the past, this too shall pass away.
Thank you and God bless us all.