Fulani Militia captures 5 villages burns Church,kill Dozens including a Soldier


Video of Jonathan Asake,SOKAPU President groaning over the recent killings by suspected Fulani Militia in Southern Kaduna

The Christians dominated region in Kaduna State who are generally refer to Southern Kaduna People Union (SOKAPU) have cried out coordinated attacks unleashing by Fulani Militia to their communities in recent times.

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The union national president (Sokapu),Mr Jonathan Asake told TGNews the government of Nigeria and Kaduna State are not proactive in the issues of security especially when it concern the extraction of Southern Kaduna and other tribes in the middle.

He said what is going on in the country is nothing but ethnic and religion cleansing by the trained Fulani Militia who are most a times hire killers in the country to a targeted and selected tribe(s) or communities.

“We can go on like this,our people are subjected to a life of slavery and confided to live a life of second class citizens in a country that suppose to be a secular State.

“The government at both State and at national level have failed us. Fulani with their coordinated Militia are trying to wipe us all in the world map.

“Our prayers is that the God we serve will not disappoint us not the government that we pay our taxes.” Jonathan Asake Said

According to a Press Statement by the Southern Kaduna people Union on 25th April, 2020 said the past 48 hours, communities in three Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the Southern part of Kaduna state have again, come under coordinated attacks by armed herdsmen.

The LGAs under severe attacks are Jama’a,Kajuru and Chikun and resorted to live in the fears of Fulani Herders attacks says Luka Binayat National Publicity relations officer of the union.

Luka Binayat said ‘many other savageries on our communities in recent times, affirm the fear that for our vulnerable communities, the danger posed to our existence and wellbeing by the coronavirus pandemic is less grim than the perennial murderous acts of armed herdsmen. They not only kill in the most gruesome manner; they plunder, loot, carry out mass scale arson and then kidnapp their victims despite the lockdown.’

He continue to say that “Last Wednesday, 23rd April, 2020, around 10pm, gunshots were heard from different directions in Atang, near Gidan Waya in Godogodo Chiefdom of Jemaa LGA. After the pandemonium, it was discovered that the invaders had kidnapped Mr. Emmanuel Iliya Atang, son of the Chief of Godogodo Chiefdom. Emmanuel, 47 is married with two children. As at yesterday, his abductors called to ask for N30 million ransom.

“Allso Thursday, 24th April, 2020 armed herdsmen attacked Kujeni village in Kajuru LGA in daytime and Geoffrey Zakka, 25 was killed. One woman and a child were injured and more than 25 houses burnt down. The ECWA church in the town and its pastorium were also burnt.

“On the same day at Makyali village in Kajuru LGA, Thomas Micah, a 42 year old farmer was attacked and killed on his farm. He is married with seven children.
The cruelty of armed herdsmen over Adara communities, has been raging on since early this year after a little respite from the genocide suffered by the Adara in 2019.

“On the 22nd March, 2020, Fulani militia opened fire on Adara hunters and killed one Michael Yahaya of Mararaban Afogo.

“On the 25th March, 2020,/Bakira-Maro village was attacked around 11pm. The following were the victims: Beniah Daniel, 12; Ishaku Apiletuwe, 43, father of 3 and Rita Atiteh, 33.

“Helen Jonathan 22 and Ashuli Jacob were severely injured.
It should also be noted that Four persons from Tantatu village near Kajuru town, who were on a fishing expedition at a remote river were attacked by armed Fulani and are still missing.

“On the 16tth April, 2020, Fulani terrorists attacked Ungwan Maigero, Kachia LGA in the night and killed two people.
On Saturday 19/4/2020, Fulani terrorists attacked Awake village in Kachia LGA and killed a woman and her child. The name of the woman is Lamii Adamu. One other person was injured.

“Yesterday, (Thursday,) 24th April, 2020, Akwunakwo village, near Gwagwada in Chikun LGA, was attacked. We are informed that a soldier was killed and one other native of the village.

“In the course of the violence being unleashed on Akunakwo, residents of nearby Kabrasha village fled. When the invaders arrived the village, they found a dumb and deaf man who was unaware of what was going on and abducted him, after looting the village.

“The wanton waste of precious lives in Southern Kaduna communities by armed herdsmen continued last night, 24th April.

“In Damba-Kasaya community, in Chikun LGA, armed herdsmen invaded the village on scores of motor bikes. Five people confirmed killed, a teenage girl kidnapped leaving more with various forms of injuries.

“The criminals stole huge amount of foodstuff, cattle and other livestock. They also stole cars, motorcycles, cattle and many other valuables.

“They then set the village ablaze and left.
SOKAPU commends the effort put by our security defending Akwunakwo. We acknowledge the supreme sacrifice paid by the fallen soldier and pray for the repose of his soul.

“We also call on our communities to remain vigilant and extend all the cooperation needed to our military and security agencies.”