Breaking: Adamawa covid-19 first victim not dead, alive and in stable condition


TGnews gathered that the rumour making round town of the first covid-19 victim in Adamawa is dead is total lie and a fabricated story.

Our correspondent who wore nose and mouth masks visited the isolation center at the Yola Specialist Hospital on hearing the rumour of his Dead.

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He reported that they spoke with the victim meters away through the window of the isolation center and he saw him in a stable condition.

The quarantined victim,a middle-aged man came all the way from Kano a week ago was quoted saying that: I’m very Much okay Sir, but it’s good I’m here, I think what I need to do is to even switch off my phone after making some important Calls of my present condition to my people. ”

The nurse who directed me to him in a effort to convince me is alive was heard asking the man of what he will eat.

“What can I bring for you?.” Said the nurse

“Bring me swallow food”. The victim Said

However the containment committee in Adamawa are still yet to give an official report to this effect