Recently, I accused the Adamawa State government for playing politics with the relief materials sent to Adamawa State by President Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government, which was meant for the less privileged and the most vulnerable internally displaced persons (IDP’s) in Adamawa State.

I am highly humbled to report today that, I am totally vindicated. The truth is all out there for everyone to verify and I challenge all those being economical with the truth to henceforth clear with their principles before rushing to press.

For registration, Product Purchase and order call this Numbers:08135312388,08037616680

I also challenge the gentlemen of the Press in the State to go all out and verify if, what the state government is busy distributing to civil servants of levels 1 to 6 or 7 as the case maybe, is from the Federal Government or it was purchased by the Adamawa state government?

The proof is indeed very simple. *Just go out and find out if the rice, vegetables oil and other stuffs, the state government is busy distributing today and playing politics with them are foreign products or they are local* ? It is well known in Nigeria today that, there is no one state government that has a drop of foreign rice and vegetable oil in its kitty, as its important and open sales has since been banned by the Federal Government except, those impounded from smugglers by the Nigerian Customs. These are the palliatives the Federal Government directed the Customs through the Ministry for Humanitarian Affairs to send to the front line State of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe for onwards distribution to the IDP’s as being the most vulnerable group of our society.

The Adamawa State Government has today engaged in distribution these products to themselves (PDP folks) and all categories of civil servants in Adamawa Adamawa State, against the interests of the vulnerable group as directed by the Federal Government.

*Indeed, I have achieved optimally the purpose for my partition even though, the right directive was not adhered to* .

When the PDP Government in Adamawa buys its foodstuffs even though with our common wealth and distributes same to only its members, while the Adamawa State House of Assembly is watching unabated, Umar Duhu will not utter a word. I will only wait patiently for politicking time to speak on the podium. But, where President Buhari will donate to the state government for onward distribution to the vulnerable group, irrespective of political divide, I shall continue to raise alarms with the loudest voice, until the right is done.

I leaves this to you for a verdict of acquittal or guilt for Umar Duhu and the bootlickers as they rightly ascribed to themselves.

Umar Duhu writes.