Duhu’s Open Letter: Rejoinders by Govt aide are rethorics of Spartacus war between Caesar and Tiberius.


The very essence of truth is plainness and brightness; the darkness and crookedness is our own. The wisdom of God created understanding, fit and proportion-able to truth, the object and end of it, as the eye to the thing visible. If our understanding has a film of ignorance over it, or be blear with gazing on other false glittering, what is that to truth? – John Milton.

It is with keen interest that I have had to follow up the publication by Dr Umar Duhu on the Federal Government Palliatives, the responses by the SSA to Adamawa State Governor on New Media, Muhammad B. Tukur and rejoinders by Abubakar Idris. One thing is of essence, the safety and wellbeing of the everyday people of Adamawa state.

Many years go our dear state has been covered with the blanket of terror and violence. Many of the locals who depend on farming and other means of livelihoods have been chased out of their ancestral homelands. In the wake of 2020, we’re now caught up with the Corona virus pandemic that has gripped the whole world on its throat. with the already existent hardship faced on a daily basis by the populace due to insurgency, now the lockdown due to virus has brought about a heightened level of hardship and uncertainty. The politics that the common man understands is not the politics of rhetoric, but to see that his needs are being met.

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If we must not falter on the side of history, then we must know that these are not times for blame games or fault-finding, but times for introspection, for questioning of our intents, for drawing of support from each other to face our reality. The states of Lagos and Ogun are already experiencing increase in the number of armed and unarmed robbery cases with no help coming in close distance. These are pointers to the fact that we must consider our safety and that of our people as paramount not giving religious, ethnic or political colouration to it.

The most important issues that should occupy discusses should be how we can support the current government to reach the grassroots in real time with the palliatives provided either by the Federal or state government, how educational programs can be developed and aired on Radio and TV Stations through the period of this lockdown, how sensitization campaigns on sanitation and hygiene should be taken to the nooks and crannies of localities across the state, how water supply chain should be improved upon and to mention among many.

The everyday man that has been told by constituted authorities to stay at home because of the lockdown must not be forgotten and left to plunge into a state of despair. Let basic human needs for survival be made available and reaching to such a person. For if the virus brought people to stay at home, much more than the virus, hunger will let loose its waters that will flush people out into the streets in revolt into the sea between hunger and the virus. It is that men cannot live on hungry stomachs. It is but a form of dying before the arrival of death.

Truth is never afraid of criticism, and lies told a countless time in succession never become truth. Our criticisms if need be must be constructive and also ready to address issues and not personalities. Let us not make this as though a Spartacus war between Caesar and Tiberius.

The Marghi people have an adage which says: Tsi tituku ahur mbwa mai – a single hand cannot lift up a house.

Wazani Ijarafu loves the smell of air at rainfall. He writes from the city of souls.
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