Covid19: Adamawa Govt. Divert Trailers of Rice to PDP Secretariat-Duhu accuses


An All Progressives Congress (APC) Chieftain and a former zonal vice chairman in the Northeast Alhaji Umaru Duhu has accused the PDP lead Government of diverting four trailers load of rice meant for palliative to cushion the effect of COVID19 to the people to the PDP officials.” and members.

He said the Ministry of Humanitarian services came to Adamawa some weeks ago and gave the state government some trailer load of rice and was kept in ADSEMA store,did not get to the IDPs it was intended for.

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According to him What is now being distributed as paliative is only given on lopsided manner at the detriment of non PDP Loyalists.

Duhu accused the Fintiri led government of not distributing to the poor only shared four trailers of the rice to PDP and another one trailer to their cronies leaving the poor masses who the palliative should go them across the 21 LGA in the state.

“There was no N500,000:00 used to buy any trailer load of rice, what the State government distributed to the local government areas was what federal government gave them since last year for the IDPs but whatever reason best known to them they refuse to give it out.

“Even now that they are sharing it out ,it is not evenly distributed, this state is for all us irrespective of our party, religion, tribe and origins so long you live in Adamawa.”Duhu said.

Umar in a Telephone conversation told our correspondent that there is an ongoing rumour the pallitives are now being sold in the market and information at his disposal some trailers are missing because it is not being accounted for.

Reacting to this claim a senior special Assistant to the Governor on media, Mr. Babayola Toungo said the government led by Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is distributing rice and other foodstuff to the poor in Adamawa state and it is done from the meagre resources of the state and not from any federal largesse.

Toungo said It is out of the love for the Masses that Fintiri is doing that and the likes of him and Duhu don’t deserve it.

He noted that When I see “stakeholders” in other states giving their widows’ mite to assist the governments in taking care of the poor, I feel angry at our so-called “stakeholders” .

Adding that Duhu would have done well by donating a trailer of rice to his immediate community and we will have followed suit.

Stressing that Adamawa state government is doing the best it can in the prevailing circumstances to enhance the living condition of a people who went through four years of broken promises and governance by deceit.

He further said that Covid – 19 does not know any tribal marks, creed or political affiliation. It has practically grounded everyone, no matter his or her status. We should pray that it leaves our shores soonest not see it as an opportunity to settle perceived political scores with perceived political opponents.

“Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is the governor of Adamawa state and we must learn to live with it.Opposition shouldn’t turn us into story tellers nor make us lose our sense our decency and judgment.” Toungo added