I humbly wish to respond to a publication by Dr Umar Duhu an Abuja based Adamawa Frustrated politician known as

First I wish the writer should have used common sense to butress his lamentation with facts and figures not by unfounded flipoancy.

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Secondly I would have wished the writer to write on behalf of the people of Adamawa not minding whether or not his party members where sidelined even though there was contradiction in his last paragraph of the write up.

However, it has become sacrosanct to clarify for the Abuja based Umar Duhu who acted on the hearsay and not also not giving us the analysis of every state on how many trucks of relief materials were pushed to them and how there distribution was carried out. I found it laughable when he gave an example with Edo state where the APC National Chairman chaired the distribution without any rancor. And if that was so, why the Chief Executive of the state was left out of handling the activities of the distribution? Was that the usual protocol? If not how can we described such acts? That’s just by the way.

It was lamented in the publication by Umar Duhu an APC member, that 50 trailers of palliative materials was sent to Adamawa state and mishandled by the Governor, where I expected the writer to back up his allegations with substantial evidences, but he failed to because reading his write up revealed a lot of fabrications and lies just to tarnish the good reputation of this administration.

The writer should also know that Gov Fintiri is focusing on revamping the damaged image of Adamawa by the immediate previous administration, especially through the prompt payment of workers’ salaries, pension, free WAEC/NECO, security agents, servicing the backlog of debt And looted funds amounting to billions, procurement of millions of naira worth of hospital equipment and lots more What will it benefit Gov. AUF to divert some relief materials meant for the common man in Adamawa? I would wish the reveals to the public the exact whereabouts of the diverted relief materials.

What I came to understand about his lamentation, perhaps was that APC members in Adamawa state are being put to shame for their failure to do what was right, but now when things are done with objectivity and due process it pains them because a corrupt mind will never like what is good.

In the publication too, I came across where the writer is threatening the state government with some big names who are all Adamawa state indigenes, and whom he failed to understand that they are all reputable people who can not think on the same line with such myopic ideas. Fintiri is a humble and loyal servant who has a very good relationship with those he mentioned.

Meanwhile, let me draw the attention of the general public that what Umar Duhu wrote was nothing but blatant lies and fabrications against the present administration of AUF and which can not pull him down.

I can respond appropriately when the writer come up with a convincing argument and suggest ways to help people of Adamawa, but not on this cheap propaganda that has no basis.

Thank you
Abubakar Idris Papah
Writes in Yola.