“Indeed, the achievements of the Bindow administration is beyond minimal as stated by Mshelmbula.” Said Coalition of Senator Bindow’s aides

A letter written to the Governor of Adamawa State by one Barr Samson Bukar Mshelmbula who was trying to give a bitter taste the weaknesses of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, stating his lopsided style of leadership will submerge him to failure had drawn the attention of Former aides to the Government of Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow,the immediate passed Government under APC platform in the state.

The aides in an official letter made an effort to reply the letter which was purely focused on the present Governor but found it imperative to make some fouls claims straight by the purported writer.

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Bukar letter which made a reference on the Government of Bindow attracted a direct opposite refutal and recoined his letter to lack the basic facts of Jibrilla’s regime.

In their response they are emphatically to say that the open letter by Bukar was not directed at them but for a passing sentence in his letter which made reference to the administration of Senator Bindow was a huge error by him to say that Senator Bindow’s administration tried to affect the road sector with minimal result.

They queried the identity of Mshelmbula if he is actually a resident of Adamawa state and knows the condition of road infrastructure in the state before 2015.

The former aides of the Governor took their time and replied bit by bit and paragraph by paragraph of Samson’s letter which they said is childish for him to even say their Goverment had minimal effect on the people of Adamawa.

while going down memory lane,their Letter revealed that Senator Bindow took office even the roads in the city Centre are dotted with potholes.

According to them there were no motorable roads to:
– Jambutu
– Wauru Jebbe
– Doubeli
– Shinko
– Clark Quarters
– Dougire network of roads
– Karewa
– Police Roundabout to Karewa junction
– Police Roundabout to target Junction
– Nassarawo (Church street)
– Completion of Malamre network of roads
– Damare Road
– Yolde Pate
– Abuja Road
– Jippu jam Roundabout to Law school
– Polo road
And many more, not to talk of drainages and water channels constructed along with these roads?
Most of these roads were also provided with street lighting.
How can anyone call this minimal result?

They further stated that, there were urban road constructions in about 13 local Government areas of the state to show how widespread the projects were implemented by Senator Bindow, and these includes:
1. Mubi-North
2. Mubi-South
3. Hong
4. Gombi
5. Song (2 span bridge)
6. Girei
7. Yola-North
11. Guyuk
12. Shelleng
13. Ganye

“Mshelmbula should also note that the Bindow administration’s interventions are multifaceted. In Agriculture, apart from farm implements and other incentives the Bindow administration provided 105 tractors and distributed 5 each to all the 21 local Government areas in the state.

“Selected schools with high level of deterioration were giving a facelift to kick-start the interventions in the education sector, the schools include:
– Villanova Secondary School Numan
– Government Day Sec School Demsa
– Government Secondary School Hong
– Government Secondary School Mubi
– Government Technical College Mubi
Beddings were provided to these schools as well as reagents for science laboratories and textbooks for both students and teachers.

“Mshelmbula accuses Senator Bindow of allegedly collecting certain percentages for the road contracts, can he really prove this grievous accusation?
Some of the road constructions started by Senator Bindow are been completed by Governor Fintiri, have the contracts been reviewed either upward or downward? Or is Mshelmbula saying that Governor Fintiri is also collecting percentages on the same contracts?

“We want to put it on record that the administration of Senator Muhammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow did its best in changing the ugly narrative of Adamawa state with the meager resources available to it and should be appreciated.

“Indeed, the achievements of the Bindow administration is beyond minimal as stated by Mshelmbula.” Said Coalition of Senator Bindow’s aides