False Covid19 Patient Admitted Into Hospital Mortuary In Jigawa State


The government of Jigawa state was put to shame as one Mustafa Auwal, a suspected coronavirus patient was kept isolation for four days inside a mortuary at Ringim general hospital of the state.

Reports from the state indicated that the suspected covid-19 patient was a business man trading between Ringim in Jigawa state and Lagos who returned from Lagos and developed symptoms of the disease and went to the hospital for medical attention.

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Speaking to our reporter in the state, Mustafa Auwal said “I’m a business man between here Ringim and Lagos. I use to spend between 14 or 15 days there (Lagos) and came back home in every of my trip“.

“This time around I arrived Lagos and rain was showered on me and I feels some fever after I arrived my logging, I took some drugs and feels some relief. But due to the present situation of luckdown in Lagos I decided to came back home”, Mustafa said.

“When I arrived home (Ringim) the fever continues and I vomited. So I go to the hospital (Ringim General Hospital) for medical attention“.

According to him “when I reached the hospital when I explained my problems and when they (hospital official) hard that I was from Lagos they said they suspected I may be coronavirus patient. I must go covid-19 test to confirm. They firstly kept me in one place in the veranda of the hospital, they latter clean another place and moved me there and kept me inside“.

“I latter realized that it was a room inside hospital’s mortuary“, Mustafa Auwal disclosed.

He added that “they (hospital) took my samples and send to somewhere and latter bring it back and said I’m covid-19 negative and allow me to go back home“.

When contacted the director clinical services of the Ringim general hospital, Malam Azzaqilu Hussain said “we don’t have isolation center here in Ringim, we made a temporary arrangements for incase a suspected case had been found“, he added that the hospital cleaned an old mortuary and put some necessary needed equipment as temporary center.