Open Letter:No second term for Gov Fintiri-Adamawa Born Lawyer writes

..... Says his Govt is confuse


Adamawa Born Lawyer,Barr Samson Bukar Mshelmbula wrote an open letter to the executive Governor of Adamawa State,Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri to have a bleak future thereby forecasting him another Governor who may likely not have a second term return.

Samson in his letter chided the Governor not to be carried away by the euphoria of “ATM” as salary payment is not a policy that can measure his work but a mandatory duty by government to do that.

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He worried that Fintiri over 9 months in office seems to lack direction given instances of previous Government who within few Months in office the give a sense of direction to the people of the state.

The letter in full:

Samson Bukar Mshelmbula

2nd April 2020

Dear Governor Fintiri,

Good afternoon my governor. Please I will beg you to please put aside whatever toga you have that repels criticism and ensued only praise singing. In this open letter sir, I don’t intend to sing any praise, am sorry.

Your excellency sir, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, the estimated 2016 population of Adamawa State is 4,248,436. Please allow me to use this figure as it’s the only last estimated population of our state from a relevant government agency. Out of this number, I am sure that the combine strength of civil servants both in the state & LG service is not up to 100,000 person including the ghost and fake ones usually imputed into the wage bill by criminal elements in government acting under the instructions of senior government officials.

Sir, in view of the foregoing, I want you to know that payment of salary is not an achievement. You will need to brace up and wake up to reality that your much exagerated and hyped name of ATM only affects about or less than 1% of the people of Adamawa State. Don’t mind all those calling you with that name. They are your worst enemies. They don’t want you to see beyond payment of salaries because of the number of ghost workers they had in the system which gives them monthly returns.

Sir, every governor must ensure that he finish and bring to fruition and conclusion within his elected tenure of 4 years, whatever election promise he made to the people, within his first 4 years in office. There is no guarantee of a 2nd term and in your own instance sir, there seem to be no second term as the future is very bleak.

Your excellency sir, we are now into almost 1 year of your tenure, infact in less than 2 months, you will be a year old in office.

Sir, am sorry to say that so far we cannot see the direction of your government. For Boni Haruna, we know he focused into the educational sector, Bindow tried to affect the road sector with minimal results same punctuated with allegations of certain percentage exchanging hands. Yours is more confusing sir. We are indeed confused because there is no positive achievement anywhere apart from payment of debt inform of salaries to civil servants for work they had done for 31 days of labour. I call it labour because even the basic things required for them to work with is not available.

My governor sir, it is morally and spiritually wrong and shameful for any governor to celebrate payment of salaries. Not only is it a right accruing to workers, it’s a debt. You don’t expect to be celebrated for paying someone his debt. Please sir, don’t allow psychophants and praise singers make you belief that it’s an achievement sir. It’s not.

Your excellency sir, my sincere and truthful advice to you is that you should concentrate and finish your remaining 3 years and then put together your books and give account of your stewardship and allow others with more fresh ideas to mount the podium and take the baton of leadership and take our state to it’s precised destination of greatness among the commity of states.

Adamawa will smile again!

Thank you sir.

Yours faithfully,

Samson Bukar Mshelmbula Esq.
Social Media Influencer.