NCDC confirms Sen Binos first Adamawa Politician to be negetive for covid-19 after 14 days of self isolation


“I am glad to say that I am fine and free of the virus.”

A Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing Adamawa Southern Senatorial District, Rev Binos Dauda Yaroe has been crossed examined,interviewed by NCDC officials and was confirmed to be negetive for covid-19 after fourteen days of self-isolation.

Binos the first Adamawa Senior Politician to make his coronavirus status known has during a broadcast in his Yola residence clarified that at the course of his duties as an elected Senator went on self-isolation for 14 days due to the prevailing coronavirus pandemic and as directed by the leadership of the Senate.

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Dauda while making guileless statements,he said:
“At the expiration of the 14 days, I submitted myself again to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) for examination. The NCDC has interviewed me, and on the basis that I am not symptomatic after the mandatory self isolation, has seen no need to conduct further tests and subsequently has relieved me of all apprehensions”

He further emphasized that he had no prior contact with anyone that had tested positive,he placed himself on his own volition in self isolation in his interest,his family, friends and community even before the NCDC advised self isolation.

He continue to say that: “During myself isolation, I did not stay in, or visit any, hotel contrary to the rumours making the rounds as concocted and championed by known mischief makers purely to tarnish my image and defame me.”

According to him,he is compelled to make the broadcast to clarify that he has been interviewed to be negetive of coronavirus against the backdrop of the rumors making round, urging all wellwishers to discountenance all rumours.

“I am glad to say that I am fine and free of the virus.” He added

He further continue to say that:”I urge you all to live clean. Live righteously. Live prayerfully. Wash your hands with soap and water. Use hand sanitizers. Obey all stay at home instructions of the government and TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR WELLBEING AND THAT OF YOUR LOVED ONES.”