So hard to believe that a young dynamic promising politician can emanate, purified and forged from Adamawa state, not accidentally or coincidentally but intentionally, Senator Ishaku Abbo emerged. This is the most important thing that ever happened to the People of Adamawa state, and the worst nightmare to few that hate humanitarianism and good leadership.

When helping people, he is not confined to his Senatorial District, he goes beyond, he does not choose which tribe or religion, and he avoids the temptation of discrimination completely.

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His numerous and outstanding Humanitarian achievements can never be over emphasized as they are reflected at every angle he visited and the number of people whose lives were touched by his kind gesturesAbbo is the true exemplary leader to the youths of the state; he created a link between them and his position therefore giving them sense of belonging, full participation in decision making over issues that affects the youths in state.

His interventions has total transformations on the lives of people he puts endless smiles on their faces. (Women, children, sick, poor wealthy, students, ) he has helped the needy, promoted, strengthened cultural preservations and encouraged peaceful co-existence amongst the people of Adamawa state. The Senator whose role has transcends beyond just sitting in the hollow chambers and debating, but practical involvement in activities that has direct positive impact on the lives of people.

Despite his tight schedules, he still squeezes the limited time to attain to people and create good inter-personal relationship with many that is why everyday people are testifying of his goodness.

Even amidst a system that is difficult yet he is unassailable.The people will always welcome any intention of you moving on from this position to the higher position because you have sown the good seed that will automatically take you there, we strongly #BELIEVE that people of this state will have a qualitative Leader and a new dimension of administrative concepts which will always have the interest of the masses at heart.

Sir, you may face the problem of power confrontations, the forces of power demanding change and the forces of power dedicated to the preserving of the status quo, But be true to yourself, be the driving force required to bring about social, political and economic change that history must always live to remember and know that you are the long awaited Fiery Gunpowder.

Lazarus Lalas Daniel

Member, SIA Movement Worldwide
Gombi Youths for SIA
Member, SIA Family
Member ACYN for SIA
Member, SIA Ambassador Rescue Mission