Covid-19:Amazing! Just one tiny invisible creature has put the WORLD on hold.


By Habu Dawaki

COVID-19 has distorted so many things both at home and around the Globe.
A virus that ignores borders, penetrating the most guarded, secure, and opulent palaces, reminding us that the best and safest place to be is under the wings of the Most High God.

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One tiny invisible but vicious adversary bringing the strong, the powerful, the rich and mighty to their knees and exposing the reality that the strongest and the most scientifically and technologically advanced of men are vulnerable and do not have all the answers to life questions and challenges.

Corona virus has broken every barrier. It reminds us that we are all somehow connected irrespective of our color, race, nationality, faith and lots more; that life is more important than anything else; that an injury to one is likely to be an injury to all; that we all have a responsibility to be our brothers keepers; that we should have our priorities right.

Just one little tiny invisible virus, consuming lives, shutting down economies, instilling fears, and changing the world in so many ways.
The gods of entertainment and sports have bowed. The political class have given in. The business world have succumbed. The wisest of professors have surrendered. Different industries have conceded. The strongest economies and healthiest of nations have all been humbled and submitted to this tiny invisible virus.

Little wonder Presidents and Leaders some in tears are running back to the Almighty.Only the Lord God can bring an end to this pandemic.

Remember, nations, cities and towns may be locked down. But SUNRISE , LOVE ,… and HOPE are not locked down. This are times to look up not down. The Master of the Universe who does not sleep nor slumber is still in control. Hope is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. We must keep on keeping on in the face of negative experiences. We must be people of hope. Therefore we do not lose heart.
Like all other storms, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Habu Dawaki