Abel is a rising sun of Taraba,we are with him wherever he goes says Group



“Our group is not after political party but after people or persons who have good intentions for the overall development of Taraba State”.

A Youth group under the audiences of “Taraba our Land of heritage” in a press release and made available to our reporter said the former Speaker of Taraba State House of Assembly,Rt Hon Abel Peter Diah has become a rising sun whose time to shine has come.

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According to the statement,it said Abel is becoming one of the most cherish politician because of his good heart of kindness to humanity and any where he goes the people of the state will support him to succeed.

Emma Mani whose appended his signature in the statement revealed that the Taraba State is still waiting and hungry of the emergence of a good leader and this they found in Abel.

Their statement recounted the political intecedent of Abel and described him a Man with a good zeal for the people of Taraba State.

“We’ve been into politics and we are keenly watching on the political pendulum of our dear state, having record of every politician since 1999 to date.

“Our observation and analysis have made us to realised that Hon Abel Peter Diah has toppled the chat of good politician we have in this state.

“We discovered him a rising Sun whose glory light has indeed come to shine with no hand is able to stop or withstand his glory to shine for the good of our people in the state.” The statement read

Mr Imani glory that their group canvases and support good governance, including politicians who pitched their names in the good sands of time because of humanity and the found Abel a leader with exceptional qualities good to ever serve humanity.

“We made our inquiries of why should Peter became a ranking member for four consecutive term representing the Mbamnga constituency of Sardauna Local Government,we discovered a simple answer to that he was a slave-Master for his people.

“Peter has indeed gave himself as servant to render the services that humanity is in dear need of.

“As such we are going to support him,give him all the push and encourage he need to succeeding under whichever party.” The statement added

In their statement,the group is read calling on people to rally around people who are good and mean well for the State,stating that people should shun away from petty sentiments of politics of religion or tribe.

In their call also,Taraba our Land of heritage admonishes people to eschew from party politics and support people only who meant well for the state irrespective of their party as is the only thing that would change Taraba State for good.

“Our group is not after political party but after people or persons who have good intentions for the overall development of Taraba State”. It said