Recently there is seen to be eminent crisis at the center stage of All Progressives congress party leadership over the Choice of Arch. Waziri Bulama as the new Party national Secretary. A decision since been consider by other Party loyalists as imposition and impugned on the right of others who are vying for the position and not in line with the constitution of the Party.

Dr Umar Duhu,a Pioneer National Vice Chairman North East of the party who held the Office before and after the merger of APC in this interview with TOM GARBA,TGnews correspondent in Yola faulted the acts taken by the National Working Committees under the Chairmanship of comrade Adams Oshiomole is unconstitutional.The replacement of HE Mai Mala Buni is the best party internal democracy.

Q: Your party is seen divulging into crisis over choice of Waziri as the new Party national Secretary,what’s your take?

RESPONSE:The steps taken by the National Working Committee (NWC) of the APC to anoint a successor to the position of the APC National Secretary, a position which has been vacant since early 2019 as a result of the former resigning to become the Governor of Yobe State is not only unconstitutional but, is dead on arrival, as far as the APC Constitution is concerned.

Recall at the last NEC meeting of the APC, President Muhammadu Buhari personally admonished the leadership of the APC to always do things aright and always be guided by the APC Constitution in taking any decisions. What we are now seeing is a complete deviation from the Constitution of the Party which the Leader of the Party Mr. President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces has warned against such practices.

Q: You are sounding not to like Bulama why? Or do you have any political scores to settle with him?

RESPONSE:Personally, I am not against the candidature of Arc. Bulama Waziri. He is eminently qualified to hold any position in the Land, let alone National Secretary of APC. What is good must always be done well and seen to be done in line with the APC Constitution.

Q: But the APC Chairman did that because he received order from above

RESPONSE:Who in the first place ascribed the powers to Chairman Adam’s Oshiomhole to singularly anoint anyone for the position of National Secretary, a position that is electable at a National Convention of the Party? Certainly it cannot be President Muhammadu Buhari,a Man who respect constitution and eschew what is infringement.

As a party leader and the Pioneer National Vice Chairman North East of the APC, with vast experience in party polity for over Three decades, when a position becomes vacant as a result of resignation or death, the State where the former comes from, has the right of first refusal, as all states of the Federation has been Zoned one position or two, arising from the last APC National Convention in 2018. In this case, Yobe State, where the former is from, should naturally produce the Replacement. If you take out the position from Yobe State , it means they will be left with no one other position at the NEC of the APC and this will completely negated the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as to reflect Federal Character Principles and that of the APC Constitution.

Q: Now a decision has been taken,what is your advice to avert a possible breaking out by party supporter who felt infringed or marginalized?

RESPONSE:I strongly advise the National Leadership of APC to forthwith refer all matters relating to the National Secretary of the APC back to the North East Zone of the Party to sort out its matter peacefully and present a consensus candidate to the NWC and NEC for ratification, if convening a national convention to ratify it is cumbersome.

If the Party had been there without National Secretary for almost a year today, what is now necessitating the rush to bring in a replacement through the back doors, when a constitutional mid-term convention is to hold sometimes this year 2020.

The North East Zone has what it takes and has one of the best leaders this country who are capable of resolving any matter in Nigeria, let alone the issue of just National Secretary of the APC that can be dealt with in one meeting.

I’m also calling for the NWC and party trustees to form a committee to see to this unwise decision taken by Adams

Q: You seems to spite venom of warning,are you afraid of 2023 elections

RESPONSE: I’m not afraid of 2023 because we are having a well structured party and have what it takes to win all elections. But I’m really afraid for our party to linger in crisis to 2023, it is not a good omen for us to everyone that know the danger of party internal squabbles. As they say a house divided against itself will not stand.

We have a symbol of broom as our logo,meaning one strand of broom cannot sweep a room let alone sweep a compound,but our unity in bunch will not only sweep compounds but sweep the entire country. No party,no matter how big or formidable it is that divulge into crisis will be strong to face a common enemy.

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