WikkiTimes stands by its story on Bauchi FRSC


WikkiTimes had on Monday insisted that its report that detailed how Bauchi state government ignored the request of Bauchi command of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC to fund its proposal to install signposts and eagle eye devices to help reduce road accidents on Bauchi-Kano road and Bauchi-Maiduguri road is true, accurate and credible.

The Bauchi Sector command of the FRSC had on Sunday debunked the report, describing it as “calculated attempt to set the government at loggerheads with the FRSC.”

The Sector Commander of the FRSC in Bauchi, Abdulrazak Najume was quoted by a section of the media as saying, “when you as a writer hides somebody name, it shows that there is a question mark about that information. The report is a calculated attempt to set the government at loggerheads with the FRSC. The government plays only complementary roles if it wishes and this is a government that is yet to settle fully.”

The Co-Publsiher of WikkiTimes, Saudat Jibrin says the medium remains unshaken and is standing by its story, “because we have justifiable evidence quoting officials of the FRSC admitting that they had written to the state government requesting such logistical supports”, she said.

“And let me educate Mr Najume that in journalism practice, we are allowed to conceal our sources to shield them from possible victimization. “Hiding our sources does not diminish the credibility of a story”.

Saudat added that “and let me also tell the Sector Commander that apart from the initial source we quoted, WikkiTimes is also in possession of an audio conversation of another FRSC official who called to complain about the initial story, but also admitted that the FRSC had indeed written to the state government requesting for support.”

“And let me also educate Mr Najume on the provision of section 22 of the Nigerian 1999 Constitution which provides that, ‘the press, radio, television and other agencies of mass media shall at all times be free to uphold the fundamental objectives contained in this chapter and uphold the responsibility and accountability of the government to the people’” she said.

WikkiTimes therefore insists that its story is not malicious, neither was it written to put the state government and the FRSC at loggerheads as Najume alleged.

“WikkiTimes will continue to remain professional in our conduct and practice. And I’m reminding Najume that, from politics to education and other spheres of life, WikkiTimes had covered professionally, stories that intend to hold the powerful to account. “The intention of the FRSC story and all other stories we cover is to ensure that everyone and every institution is accountable on what they are mandated to do”, she concludes.