Allegation:Gov Darius Siphons over N200m UBEC funds for leadership change of Taraba Assembly

Sources in Taraba state alleged a map out plans by the executive Governor of the state,Arch Ishaku Darius to have siphoned over two hundreds millions naira (200,000,000) from the treasury of the state Universal Basic Education,UBE,to buy up state legislators in order to change the entire leadership of the state Assembly.

The sources who prefer to be anonymous told Tgnews in an interview that the essence of the money is for every lawmaker to part away with Ten million Naira in order to change the current leadership of the Assembly.

The development attracted commend by some concern people of the state that the money meant for education is now becoming a parting gift for willing lawmakers to sign for the reshufflement of their principals officers in the house.

A concern Tarabian who also does not want his name to be mentioned said Governor Darius is not trading well with the people of Taraba.

According to him if one may ask what is his interest on the issues bedevilling the house? If the lawmakers are not comfortable with the present leadership they will change them without recourse to invite the Governor for intervention.

He further said that the house as a legislature arm of Government is a independent pillar of itself that stands alone to adjudicate for the Masses in Taraba state,the state resources should not be a parting gift for lawmakers to carry out what they should not be coerced or induced to do.

“I’m calling on the lawmakers to stand up and do the right thing for the people of Taraba state not to involve in an unnecessary in-house politics that will divert their attention from checking and balancing the executive arm of the government in the state.

“I think the Governor is only looking for a stooge,someone he can hand pick under his arm pit to be saying yes Sir.” He said

He continue to say that Taraba people need peace of mind and peaceful coexistence from the attacks of armed bandits and kidnappers,the governor should stand up to bring an end to communal clashes stagnating growth and development not using the money meant for education needs of the state by sharing it to lawmakers serving the state.

The Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on media and publicity,Mr Bala Dan Abu when contacted to response on the allegation said:

“We are in the era of politics,everybody is looking on away to blackmail one person or the order. Some made allegation of a Governor taken money from a certain account and you are taken that to be serious”?

Bala argued that he will not make a substantial response until a tangible evidence would be presented to him.

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