PDP Crisis in Adamawa deepens,Ardo leads R-PDP, a factional splinter party


A suppose manage internal crisis of People’s Democracy Party (PDP) in Adamawa state deepened as a splinter faction version of the party led by Dr Umar Ardo,a stalwart member of the party emerged in the state.

Ardo in an interview with Tgnews.com said the affairs of the party is being operated in the purview of illegality.

According to him the first stand of the party’s illegitimacy is the invalidation and abolishment of Dahiru Bobboi EXCO in an effort to satisfy the aspirations of some party’s big wigs in Adamawa state.

He opined that the dissolution of Dahiru Bobboi EXCO is illegitimate because there was a certain court case pending at the federal high court in Yola and by law one cannot touch a case with an impending court issue.

He fingered the former Vice President and PDP President flag bearer,Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to have aided the process of illegitimising the present EXCOS of the party in the state through the then Ahmed Makarfi and Peter Obi care taker national leaders.

Ardo,a former governorship aspirant and others agrieved party members have formed a splinter group which they name Reformed PDP (R-PDP) in the state.

Umar, as according to him the Adamawa present led EXCOS under Barr A T Shehu are illegally constituted because they have violated the pronouncement of Makarfi that all caretaker committee should not contest any election.

“Because of the illegitimacy,the Adamawa state EXCOS have transported themselves to their present status of leaders.” Ardo said

He said:” The so called Chairman,A T Shehu,so called organizing secretary,so called secretary,so called women leader,so called secretary,without resigning from been caretaker committee they have transported themselves to so called leaders of the party.This is purely an illegitimate EXCOS constituted.”

“What kind of party are we running? What kind of country are we running? This is what made me to put off with they party and formed our own.” Ardo fumed

“I’m not working alone,we are going to form our own factional party from Ward,LGAs,state even at the national level.

Tgnews.com when contacted Barr A T Shehu of his stance as an illegitimate party leader of the state alleged by Dr Umar Ardo he simply put ” i would not join issues with Ardo.”

But Shehu in a later date responded to Fombina Times said Dr Umar Ardo participated in governorship processes up to the primary election which he lost to eventual governor Ahmadu Fintiri

Tahir asked, “How could Umar Ardo have been contesting under a party exco he is now describing as an illegality.

He added that, in any case, Umar Ardo had ceased from being member of PDP, and could not therefore be in a position now to leave it for a splinter group.