Court of Appeal in Yola upturns judgment in favour of Hon Bororo,Danmusa of APC

The judgment of election Tribunal court against Hon Musa Umar Bororo and Hon Shuaibu Musa Langaga lawmakers representing Mubi North/Mubi South respectively in Yola was upturned at today’s appeal court judgment.

The duo lawmakers (Mubi and South) Members have been restored back by Court of Appeal Yola and set aside the decisions of the lower court (Tribunal).

Umar who was dragged to court after winning his state constituency election on ground of using “Bororo” a nickname as an official name, with a forged primary certificate.

The headmaster of his former primary school,principal of the secondary school he graduated were in court and a DSS report was also tendered as Witnesses to testified in defense of Hon Musa.

Justice Chidi Nwaoma Uwa who presided over the case while delivering her judgment said the name ”Bororo”is a nickname that everyone can bear,be known than one’s official name and it should not be a basis to canceled someone who was dully elected by the electorates.

In his response after the Judgment,Hon Musa return Glory and Honour to God who is the giver of power and fame.

He however said is indebted to his political God father,Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow who is the immediate passed Governor of Adamawa state for making him who he is today.

“Whatever i’m and whoever i shall be is because of Bindow who transformed me to my present status,i cant thank him enough and i reserved an unalloyed loyalty and respect for him.”

He further appreciate the appeal court and described it as the last succour of the common man and truly the voice of the people,especially those that are voiceless.

“The judgment was unbiased to all party,i lost at the tribunal and the Appeal course gave me back my mandate,this is to say that justice is undeniable if you are honest. My thanks is immeasurable to the Nigerian judiciary.” He added

He called on his constituents to trust him the more and see the good representation he promised to give them.

Also Honourable Musa of Mubi North judgment by justice Uwa was upturned in his favor where he was earlier alleged of faking a primary school certificate as all witness were in court and proved on the contrary.

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