Commondore Jamila Malafa: The amazon woman of our time


There are people in our society today made deliberate efforts in creating not only a good name but sharpened up their destinies in a pattern of being role models,becoming Fathers and Mothers to millions of Nigerian Youths because of what they have either chosed to be and the successes they are making in their choosing,respective career.

In Nigerian today,the Naval security of the country gets a goose that lays the golden eggs. A woman who breaks the record of a xarmel, and setting another record as the most senior female Northern officer in the Nigerian Navy.

I’m not talking about any other person than the Adamawa state born Navy commodore,Barr Jamila Abubakar Sadiq Malafa who embroiders her destiny and life with a name of a Mother to many out their. A philanthropist to thousands uncountale people across the breath and length of Nigeria,fucusing her serchlight of help to Northern region.

Jamila is one among many good women who making the proud in their endeavour of life,she is a replicate of goodness and a resembler of social justice who believes in equity for all people.

I write to dog my hat of respect to this woman amazon whose origin is from a village of Hona,Gombi LGA area of Adamawa state, who decided to be a pendulum that swings around looking on who to help in this perverse world that the “love of many is waxing cool.” But for Jamila it is another world she is making for herself,purposefully helping the helpless,backing and making her back for the downtrodden to lean on. It is in this woman i saw in her real love and a passion to serve humanity.

She became a useful life of product in serving the country as a woman that came from a region that see less or no value in women joining military as a palatable career grow and make a meaning to life, but she proved beyond reasonable doubts by casting away the shadows of fears and convinced many that women are also born unique,wired in them the threads of greatness. This are some of the special abilities in Mother Jamila,a mean lady who from a nursing career became a lawyer of international repute With the Nigerian Navy.

To this woman,a total and complete life is when people regardless of their social status are seeing other people regardless of their social status are born equal, irrespective of who they are,what they are and where they are, should be seen and treated as humans. Jamila is the pride of all Northerners, especially the women folks who are seeing her the glory of Nigerian women.

Jamila is the woman with the red neck but still in her is the camouflage of humility and a down to earth lady,a nature in her that is endearing her to the high and lowly, the high and mighty finds her a confident and a dependable ally who is rewriting well the history of Nigeria women in the sands of time and posterity will judge her well that a woman of noble character has once lived.

Her character of help and giving to the needy with constant yearly scholarship projects,creating and finding jobs to hundreds of youths in Adamawa labeled her “Santa”,the father Christmas of our time.

Mrs Malafa is indeed the amazon woman and a detribilised personality whose heart goes to humanity for posterity to be kind to her good.

For this woman,i call on Nigerians to keep praying for her to succeed,to grow well to better position to help rebuilding the country which is in the verge of collapsing because of primordial sentiments.

Ma,may you live long,stay long in Navy and rekindle in you more love for humanity than ever before.

Journalist writes from
Yola,Adamawa state