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Jafar visit to SIA: Political fraternity to develop Adamawa Northern zone-Sen Cliff

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Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo of the People’s Democracy party (PDP) from the Adamawa Northern senatorial zone was today in received of a visit by the Member representing Mubi North, Mubi South and Maiha,Hon Jafar Magaji at the national Assembly to chat a unitary course of developing the area.

According to Abbo Magaji’s visit is a political fraternity of two politicians Brothers from difference parties to unite their individual conceived dream for the people of not only Adamawa state but Nigeria as a country.

During the visit While exchanging pleasantries, Magaji who is from the All Progressives Congress party, said Cliff is an emancipator Senator of his people,a lion hearted Distinguished man endeared by the people of Adamawa Northern zone.

“Sir you won the election as a senator from a PDP party with about 8,000 votes gap,a hope seen in you to change the narratives by our people, this I know if we are united we can achieve a lot for our people.” Magaji said

Cliff opined that the work before the duo lawmakers of both red and green chambers is never a party politics, but a politics of interest toward emancipating the area which is still trying to survive the attacks of Boko Haram inflicted on them.

According to Cliff their unity in at the National Assembly is of Paramount importance to begin to synergies bills coming to law for a direct benefit of overall Nigerians with the interest of their area.

”The era of politics of party has gone, we are now with the realities on ground for the real work that our people has voted us to do. If we are not purposefully united I tell you we will be doom for economy backwardness and development stagnant against our people.

“His visit is an emphasis to come together to achieve an ideal dream for the people of Adamawa Northern Senatorial zone.” Cliff said

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