Adamawa Govt of PDP solidarity visit to President Buhari is a hoax-APC

The plan visit by the Governor of Adamawa state, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of people’s democracy party (PDP) to President Muhammadu Buhari has began to attracts comments from All Progressives Congress (APC), the major opposition party in the state to be a visit in the shelves of ” hypocrisy and hoax ”.

The Publicity Secretary of APC in the state,Alhaji Mohammed Abdullahi told the Nigerian Tribune that the decision of the PDP in the state to visit is never reconcilable with their actions or the way the are running the government.

According to him APC as a party in the state are not comfortable and not in support of the visit being the fact that PDP in Adamawa is attacking policies of APC from national down to state levels.

“They should tell us exactly what they meant for a solidarity visit to president Buhari, their actions in the state are never reconciling with their plan visit of solidarity, you cannot be attacking the policy and the government of the president and still tell us you want to visit him in solidarity.” He said

” Are they planning to come back to APC? Let them come out in clear terms to convince us” He said

The APC state legal adviser,Barr Shagnah Moboyefe also said that in an ideal situation the visit is never a problem if it is regard the issues of governance and not party affairs.

He revealed that PDP in Adamawa state have not displayed their wining elections as a victory to everyone in the state, but when on castigating and Mocking APC and Mr President by tearing down any erected billboards with his photos or inscriptions

Shagnah said that the actions of PDP is portraying them to be a party who failed to see politics have come and gone, it is now time for governance for the people of Adamawa state whether in PDP, APC,whichever party or affiliation of political party one belongs to, or even non political partisan people.

He condemned the actions of the ruling party in the state after declaring them winners of the governorship elections,who disregarded the position of the president and went on a rampage destroyed property of APC.

“This is purely hypocritical,after destroying properties of APC and all billboards with President Buhari’s images or inscription,and now saying that they are going for a solidarity visit. You can’t striped me nacket in the market and expect me to be happy.” Shagnah said

He accused the state Chairman of PDP,Barr AT Shehu for raising a weighty allegations against President Muhammadu Buhari inview of the ongoing legal tussles at the election tribunal, alleging that the presidency is interfering on the matter tribunal case.

According to him Shehu have gone to the media and castigated Buhari and on this weighty allegations the PDP government are professing to go for a solidarity visit.

“I’m really confuse,solidarity for what? Are they saying that now they have confident on president Buhari who they have earlier castigated.” He asked

On a counter reaction, the Director General communication and publicity to Governor Umaru, Mr Solomon Kumangar advice politicians in the state to stop politicising issues.

Solomon said the visit is purely at the level of governance not party politics which Mr President is the father to everybody including his supporters and those on the other parties.

He opined that the visit is in the interest of Adamawa state and called that for the state to develop they should be able to eschew “bad belle politics”.

” Either we like it or not today the governor in place is a governor of APC,PDP and even non partisan politicians. What is taking the Governor to President Buhari is an issue regard the Modibbo Adamawa University (MAUTECH), the only federal university in Adamawa and the issues of insecurity affecting the state.

“I’m appealing to them to be objective in their views to develop our state, I want to tell you that the solidarity visit is a delegation of all Adamawa stakeholders in respective of one’s party.” Kumangar said

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