Boss Mustapha,the daunting task ahead of You as SGF

My Boss,redouble the confidence reposed on you, recreate a new version of the sincerity you are known for, have another model of hard work you being testified of and your loyalty to your Master (Buhari) should never be questioned.

I’m among millions of Nigerians who celebrated your re-appointment as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) by President Muhammadu Buhari. The celebration and accolades of congratulatory notes is not because of anything else but because you have shown yourself to be a good steward whose stewardship is tasted and trusted in your last called to serve the nation as SGF.

Sir your over two years of service as the SGF was seen to be displayed on the template of Sincerity, honesty, hardworking and more refined way approaching the duties of the SGF office. The dexterity you have displayed in handling the clerical affairs of the nation has became an eye opener to many Nigerians that yes indeed there are yet another greater hopes of the nation to produce good leaders whose mission is for the total and corporate good of all people. Your service to the nation reminds and give assurance to the young generation that they still have leaders with selfless agenda who are not working within the claws of nepotism to enrich themselves and their generation.

I want to believe these reasons and many more fascinated President Muhammadu Buhari to re-appoint you for the noble job. Thank you Mr President for your insight and foresight wisdom to take a decision of the SGF’s office to a Man in Boss. An office that many interest groups and individuals wanted it otherwise because of the large opportunities attached to it, the decision you have taken in favor of Boss is indeed commendable and applauded you a good leader of all times.

However, may I painstakingly put down to say that there are numerous daunting challenges which will be a monster to frustrate your office if you do not face it head long. Sir be mindful and never forget you holds an office that over 200 millions Nigerians are critically connected to it, directly or indirectly their lives have fused into it because is the revolving life wire of every Nigerian. For this I mean to say you are now facing governance square red and blue,with no sentiment to religion, sectional,tribal or even political.

The task ahead of you is of multifaceted in nature, considering the fact on ground that the current leadership of the country under President Muhammadu Buhari who is trying to revive and survive the dwelling economy that’s in the state of comatose. The balance sheet of your office must carry everybody along irrespective of his or her political party affiliation. Your office as a hub and wheel of distributing the nation’s national cake must be seen doing that without prejudice or sentiment of all sort.

Sir Boss,we are still nursing a nascent Democracy in this country, where the ruling party Will assume the government is theirs and do whatever they like without considering other Nigerians. You have being seen to be a good man who cannot accept injustice to triumph over justice, you have convinced many Nigerians that the office is truly for Nigerians not for any party or personal benefit to some few political elites. Sir is a task given to you because you have seen capable to do much more. Your called back to office is a trust of you doing the goodness you have known for to all Nigerians.

My Boss,redouble the confidence reposed on you, recreate a new version of the sincerity you are known for, have another model of hard work you being testified of and your loyalty to your Master (Buhari) should never be questioned.

At this juncture, “to him much is given,much is being require of him”. I mean intensify your hardworking ability, increase the volume of your listening ability,and increase your recreational activities so you can keep fit of both mind, soul and body,else you may one day collapse because of the over burden nature of the office and the entire work will suffers lost.

Sir above all avail yourself on the ever available grace of God to energise, sustain and foster you to carry on. There is no super man or super being, but there is a super God who can supervise all your affairs and make you a super Man to the service of Him and humanity.

The task of working and uniting Nigerians through your office is not quite an easy one,it requires whole lot of work,wisdom and energy to do that. Only God can see you through,He can because he purported you from time immemorial to be there.

Seeing you doing what Nigerians needs you to do. God bless you

Tom Garba
A Journalist write this
From Adamawa-Yola
43 Fombina House Atiku Way

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