Sex toy assault:Call Girls Hired by Politicians to blackmail Sen Abbo – Emma

Ladies in the evening who are mostly commercial sex workers are now willing instruments in the hands of some politicians in the country witch hunting Sen Cliff Elisha Abbo.

The Ladies are now operates as a syndicate group being sponsored by SIA’s enemies to destroy his political career.

A People’ Democratic Party loyalist and a die-hard of Sen Cliff’s election, Engr Emmanuel Nicholas (National Coordinator of Nigerian Professional Youths for Atiku) in a way of drawing the attention of the general public said Politicians are using the sex toy scandal to further dent the image of Distinguished Senator representing Adamawa Northern Zone, Mr. Ishaku Elisha Abbo

According to him the politicians have contacted some random sex workers from Madam State (Hotel) in Yola to come out and blackmail Sen Ishaku Abbo that he has infected them with HIV, and have paid them handsomely to carry out the scandalous job.

He warn that the politicians carrying out this assignment should desist as they will be revealed and be brought to book.

“We know the politicians that are behind it.

“We have recorded evidence to that effect. We are sending their errand boys on social media to go and tell them that we are waiting for them. They have succesfully instigated the younger sister of his ex-wife to cook up a story that only the gullible ones will believe.

‘Since the news of rumor of N50m came out, some person started cooking up story to seek for a so called compensation and justice. The Distinguished Senator has not offered any one money for settlement. The matter is before the court and he has pleaded not guilty. The court should be allowed to do their job.

“In the coming days you will keep hearing stories and stories against SIA and all are fake and a mere high sounding nonsense. In their foolishness, they made him very popular. And for the record, there is no bad publicity and popularity. Everything is turning around for his good.

“They want to punish him for exercising his right in the Senate. It is within his right to nominate Senator Ndume and not the preferred Ahmed Lawal. This simple act has shown that he is not going to the senate to become anybody’s puppet. SIA is ready to face all these with the support of his constituents and well meaning Nigeria”. Emma Said

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