Your Excellency,
I write to you today beaming with smiles and at the same time saddened. Beaming with smiles because of the goodness of democracy. Saddened because your administration started with the wrong foot accompanied by misplaced priority.
I write to you because I am concerned, most especially with your insistence on the Ruga issue which was a debate but suspended at the National level.
Sir, if I may ask. Is the Ruga issue a priority for your administration? Do we have security challenges that would warrant you to spend our tax money to build settlement for Herds men or do you want to create the challenges? Do you know how much you may end up spending on this mega project? If this is your priority, then we are on a lonely journey to an unknown destination.
It is obvious you don’t have good policy makers or think-tanks that would shape your administration. I also doubt if you know the concept of causality. Cause and effect.
Here it is. We have a high number of out of school children in Gombe state. The vast majority are the Fulani children. So invest in their children rather than their Cows. Believe me your Excellency, if you can borrow a leaf from your Adamawa State counterpart and declare free education in public schools and design a process which these children can be enrolled, you would have solved our a major issue. The happiness of the greater number of people should be the hallmark of your leadership. Don’t create a problem where there was none.
I must remind you also that people of Gombe state are used to leaders with giant strides. At the end of your tenure, analysts will use comparative analysis to analyze your administration. As it stands, you’re the most easiest to be criticized because so far it seems you don’t have the package of ideas to put before the State as policy.
Your excellency, do the needful, stop the blame game and set the Ball rolling.
I am actuated not by any desire for personal gain, material or whatsoever but solely by political conviction. I will be writing you again when your administration clocks hundred days in office but before then, please accept my highest regards and esteem.

Amajila Obida
Political Scientist and Author, writes from Gombe.