Brush-off: APC Challenges PDP to bring out facts,figures of Bindow’s govt sold jobs to highest bidder

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“I’m challenging AT Shehu and the PDP party to give Adamawa people fact and figures,including names of those involved in such an inhuman behavior for the law to play it role of justice on them.”-APC

The public relation officer (PRO) of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa state, Alh.Mohammed Abdullahi in response to People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman in the state, Barr Attahiru Tahir Shehu brush-off his recent interview with media men in Yola that: “Jobs in Bindo administration sold to highest bidder.”

According to Abdullahi the Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow’s government did what every people’s minded focus government will to do to create employment to its citizens.

Abdullahi said for PDP in the state to say APC under Bindow’s government have sold jobs to highest bidder is a statement without facts and challenge the ruling party to bring out and call names of those that involved in such a scandalous act for law to take its full wrath on them.

He revealed that the process of employment is not being done by the office of the Governor and APC regime under Bindow was not in anyway way involve in such act.

“I’m challenging AT Shehu and the PDP party to give Adamawa people fact and figures,including names of those involved in such an inhuman behavior for the law to play it role of justice on them.

” I want to believe,if there was such,it was done by civil servants who are in government and still in active service, if he he trace any scam on employment he should not be afraid to mention the name of the culprits instead of calling Bindow’s name leaving the substance behind. ” Mohammed said

On his own comment,the APC orgabising secretary in the state,Alh Ahmed Lawan said,It’s on record that Governor Bindow magnanimously granted approval for unemployment Adamawa Youths to be absorbed into the civil service which is expected from any reasonable Government.

“What is expected of him is to disclose the names and identities of those involved if he truly have facts to back up his allegations instead of using Bindow’s name as a headline.” Lawan said

He added that the necessary processes leading to formal employment is not done in the Governor’s office but handle by civil servants who are government officials and still in active service. Therefore for A. T. Shehu (State PDP Chairman) to associate Bindow’s name with employment scam is mischievous and a mere political rhetoric.

Recall that AT Shehu was asked wether state PDP was on a political witch hunt as a result of the setting up of visitation panels by the administration, the PDP Chairman said:

“What we met on ground is appalling, because what we are looking into is a case where caution was thrown to the wind and due process abandoned in employment under the last government.

“Any serious government that needs to set its government on sound footing must set up these kinds of panels in order to obtain genuine information.

“All the then governor used to do was to grant waivers to some people, and that has diminished the powers and responsibilities of the Civil Service Commission to follow due process of employment; that was why we said any employment that has not followed the due process of the law would be scrutinized.

“They might not be sacked, but they would be screened to ensure that they followed the due process and are qualified for the office they were employed into.

“What used to happen under Bindo was that they just generate employment letters and hand it over to their agents at the cost of one hundred and fifty thousand naira and the agents would then auction it at the cost of two hundred to two hundred and fifty thousand naira,” the PDP Chairman explained.

He continued that: “To get employment then, you would have to part with about two hundred thousand naira and you would not undergo any verification either for credentials or merit.

“The PDP government is not that kind of government, and we are just sending a message that it is no longer business as usual for those who think employment could be merchandised.

“Our objective is to sanitise the system and minimise excesses in running government.

“Let me cite an example with the Adamawa State Polytechnic, where someone with a secondary school certificate has been employed as a lecturer. For goodness sake, how can such be allowed?

“The previous APC government in the state had employed someone with a NABTEB as a surgeon and he had been around killing people,”

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