Bring Back Back (BBB)-Barr Bala

My Dear Good people of Adamawa North. Greetings.

This is the Intelligent, Intellectual, Influential and experience iron lady we know and we want. They say “One may not know the value of what he/she has till when one lost it”. They also say “Experience is what u get when u don’t get what u want”

The first saying is for those who channel their thoughts on the negative direction, thinking that with all what she was doing as a senator, to them she wasn’t doing enough, despite the fact that she was recognised as one of the philanthropic Senators now u start seeing how bad the image of Adamawa particularly Adamawa North is being painted black on the reflective wall of the world.

The second saying is for those of us that wanted Binta to continue, because we know she is being termed as one of the out spoken who greatly represents the entire North and to be precise Adamawa North so well and I know of facts and by records no Senator in Adamawa State that gained employments for his/her constituents like Binta. Time and space will not allow us to mentioned all she done for the constituent, my brother my sister go and make ur findings only on her contributions to the now established NORTHEAST DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION. Nevertheless, by the bad acts and decisions of some of our people we are getting a bad experience we wanted to be free off, from the Assaulting Senator.

Now for both the first above mentioned whose thought goes not along the Saying “The devil u know is better than the Angel u don’t know” should now come let’s go together socially, morally, spiritually and otherwise to support Binta regain her mandate so as to continue the good work she is known of, since we have start seeing the bad sign of direction from the other and if we allow him continue definitely the bad habit will also continue and the image of Adamawa particularly Adamawa North will be recorded badly.

God bless you all. Thank you.
Barr Abubakar Bala Danmamman, wrote from Ganye LGA, Adamawa State

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