Inauguration: The good advice of my constituents will help me to succeed-Hon Dauda

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The newly inaugurated federal Lawmaker representing Michika/Madagali at the National Assembly,Hon Zakaria Dauda Nyampa said good advice from his kinsmen will help him succeed by doing well what they have elected him to do.

Nyampa who was inaugurated yesterday told Tgnews immediately he casted his votes that decided the leadership of the House of Representative that brought in Femi Gbajabiamila as the speaker said the House started in a good ground to work for Nigerians.

He is optimistic that his constituents will strongly support him to succeed well with immediate laws that will meet their security, infrastructural,employment and educational needs.

According him the major problem of his constituency is the issue of security, he called on them to prioritise their good advice(s) that will tilt toward security.

He said when there is Peace in an environment, it will translates to growth and development in any society.

He raise their hope that his coming as a lawmaker in their mandate will bring good fortunes of development in the area.

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