“You are the Lion of your Tribe”- Sermon of Pst Barry of His steps Assembly Yola

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Pst & Pst Mrs Barry Shaida

The President and founder of His Steps Assembly international, Pastor Barry Shaida Ausome charged congregants during Sunday service to know their worth as christian because the thread in them is of the” Lion of the tribe Judah”

Barry on the sermon thought them to be who God created them to be by becoming successful in their respectively talents and gifts God has deposited in them.

According to him believers should known that they are “Lions of their tribes” that has the God given abilities to dominate,control their communities and environments. And they have to take their rightly position like Jesus who is the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

While reading Philipians 1:6 as his roots text,Pst Shaida charged believers to never comprise their position knowing fully well that God has designed them the head not the tail in the area of their calling and not the tail.

Barry said that all what a Christ needs to succeed is to cultivate a confidence to be him or herself and to exhibit their own gift(s)

“You are uniquely made,don’t dress or act like somebody, be yourself,be whom God has made you to be. Do your best with what you have. Your ability is the gift of God to you, And don’t Compare yourself with people around you.” He said

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