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Adamawa house of Assembly — A bi- partisan necessity.

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By Matthew Onah

In a few days time the Adamawa state House of Assembly woulld be inaugurating the 8 th assembly.
Only 7 members of the 7th assembly would be returning out of the 25 members. This means that 18 members were voted out in the last general elections.

a High attrition rate in an institution which relies heavily on experience.
The legislature is the least understood of the three arms of the government in the current political dispensation.

Both the federal and state governments have had a poor conception of how to utilise the powers of the assembly and thus the constant friction . most of the successful governments in Nigeria eschew imposition and undue partisanship in the leadership structure of the assembly.

In doing that , they achieve a genuine collegiate comradeship among the assembly members, that cooperates and collaborates well with the executive.
For the Adamawa Assembly now, far more than before, the Executive under the leadership of Rt.Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, needs an experienced, team player, a consensus builder, who can hold together the rainbow coalition, the all inclusive bipartisan administration , he needs to pull out Adamawa state out of the woods.

Since the Governor Fintiri is from the north, and his deputy from the south as is in the outgoing administration, the Speakership is to come from the central.
Of the 3 Honourables aspiring for the leadership of the assembly, in the 8th Assembly, the Speaker of the 7th assembly, Rt.Hon. Kabiru Mijinyawa, Yola south: Hon Simon Isa , Song constituency and Hon. Sajo Hamidu, Uba/Gaya constituency.

Kabiru Mijinyawa, easily stands out.
His only shortcoming is that he belongs to the APC, which has 11 members. While PDP has13 members. ADC has 1 member.
Both Hon Isa and Hamidu are both of the PDP.

For Four years, Mijinyawa has stabilized the assembly. His surviving about 3 leadership changes shows his dexterity and acumen in human management.

As a two timer, he has gotten the experience , and as a comsumate team player, he would be an asset to the Fintiri executive.

Adamawa sorely needs to build a bipartisan consensus now to achieve the visions of the Fintiri administration.
The era of winner takes all is no longer fashionable, we are in the era of “doctrine of necessity”.

Let the doctrine of necessity produce Rt.Hon. kabiru Mijinyawa as Speaker of the 8th Assembly, in the interest of progress and development of the state.
We can not afford to waste valuable time in trials and errors of new (
novice )honourable members

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