Dead or alive,you are a heroine of my Faith

Dead or alive, you are in deed a martyr of our time.

Your firm decision, makes the world to stand up for you.

Your decision, touch the hearts of the mighty,lowly and highly laced personalities

Your decision is making the whole world to salute your bravery and doggedness to what you believe.

Leah,young you are but your mindset is of the ancient ones.

Leah, your decision makes your name a households.

What else can it be more than this my Leah? Without all this trials, I doubt it much if you can be ever heard of this way.

Because of your quest for knowledge You made the good name that Degrees and certificates might probably can never give you till you return back to God.

This makes me believe what Paul says in the book of Romans that: ” All things work for Good to those that love God.” It says all things including the good, bad,and the ugly will be turning up for good if we love God.

Had it been the devil knew it he wouldn’t have crucified Jesus the King of glory, the big mistake of the devil, is for him to still keep you where you don’t deserve to be.

Sure Leah,things are turning around for your good,because of you,things will also turn around for the good of the church, the country and all and everyone because we serve a bigger and mightiest God working behind the scenes of our lives

Leah,my prayers for you is that hold fast to what you believe,that’s what makes you who you are today and forever.

Leah,wherever you are, for whatever reason your abductors are still holding you captives,be rest assure Nigeria and Nigerians are for you.

Christians are like, Muslim are like and those without a Deity of worship are with you at this you’re trying times.

Nigerians are collectively saying evil shall never triumph over good.

Daniel had Lions as pillows in the den,your enemies will be your slaves

Cheer up! Cheer up!!

Happy Birth Day my living Heroine.