NLC Election:I see a better future for Adamawa civil servants in Fashe-Concern Youth

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An Adamawa concern Youth a crusader of good leadership,Comrade Jafar Mohammed said the 25th April election of Nigeria Labour Congress of the state can better be entrusted in the hands of comrade Emmanuel Fashe.

According to him the future of Adamawa civil servants is more secured if the likes of Emmanuel will be given the opportunity to peddle the affairs of the union.

He extols Fashe’s quality of a seasoned civil servant with over two decades span of experience involving in labour union activities without any records of failures.

“I’m a crusader of good governance that will fight to bring good leaders in place to hold public offices,after my research i discovered Emmaneul Fashe is one of the most qualified to hold the office of Adamawa state chapter of NLC.

“This is because in all the offices he held as a labor unionist before no records of negative filed or found in his name,a very down to earth man who is after civil servant welfare.” Jada said

Jafar Adamawa civil servants should not hesitate in bringing the Man he regarded as a God-fearing unionist.

“I’m calling on all the sister unions,the government in place and well-meaning individuals to rally round Fashe because is the only Man i see with the ability to save the perilous times civil servants found themselves.” He added

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