Thursday rerun:Adamawa APC slams PDP over false alarm

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The Adamawa state public relations officer of APC, Muhammed Abdullahi, has slammed the PDP over it’s claims that APC has a plan to import thugs with the help of some governors to disrupt Thursday’s supplementary elections saying it is only in PDP’s political playbook that leaders would even conceive unleashing mayhem on the people it govern.

Muhammed Abdullahi said, PDP has displayed such vicious nature as one of its Frontline politician, the governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Like, has threetened to kill people who oppose his government.

Abdullahi said, “It is not in our culture either as a party or people to support or instigate violence.
“We are critical stakeholders in the peace process in Adamawa state and as a party in government we cannot do anything to jeopardize the peace that our people enjoy.

“If by commission or omission any person claims that they have uncovered plot to disrupt security, the best way would have been to approach security instead of calling a press briefing.

“I believe it is baseless, mere allegations and unfounded probably calculated to cause fear in the mind of the people and give PDP an undue advantage during the supplementary electtions.

“May be it is the prayers of the people of Adamawa that is causing PDP to spill out the evil they plan to unleash on the people of Adamawa.

“It is on record that PDP has the most stubborn and arrogant governors like their governor in Rivers State who threatens to kill people who oppose his government.

“God forbid, we enjoin the people of Adamawa to live in peace, afterall elections is a temporary event but the state is ours.”

Concerning the supplementary elections, he said, APC has reservations because it was not properly consulted as a stakeholder on the date for the elections because the REC Gaidam was caught on tape saying the date was fixed out of fear of court judgement not the interest of the people of Adamawa state but that would not stop the party from participating in the elections.

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