1.It’s this Man who broke and made History by constructing a road to Shelleng,the only LGA that do not have a tarred road linking major towns and villages in the entire country.

2.The construction of a 40 years neglected roads projects of Yulde Pate settlement in Yola town of Yola North LGA is history that remain in the sands of time.

3.The first Governor in the history of Adamawa state to start council meetings in LGA headquarters, aimed at seeing and hearing the grassroot people problem From a personal point of view.

4.The declaring of a state of emergency in education and health sectors is no doubt a major step to revive the ailing sectors.

5. The Governor that use to wine and dine with the internal displaced persons (IDPs) a mark of showing care and concern on what they are going through

6. A Governor in two years made an erasable history to have constructed over 119 roads including bridges across the state.

7.The Man that believe in the vision of a new Adamawa state

8.One of the Governor despite recession is owing the least Salaries arrears to LG employees

9.The Governor that steps up challenges to see glowing Adamawa in no distance time

10.The Man Governor that has so much believe in the unity of the state.

11 Overseas schorlaship to over 60 indigenes of Adamawa state.

***Hmmm! The Man is truly stepping up the state to higher grounds

Vote him again he will do much more.

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