The All Progressives Congress,(APC) is a political party whose manifestoes was built in the credence of justice and equity to all party loyalist. In the Party doctrines it is enshrined justice to all, fairness to everyone when in governance,they owe duty of equity even to those that are not party members.

By simple definition loyalty is total obedience to constituted authority, is abiding,respecting the ethics and fully following the orders of superior body(s) in a bid to strictly adhere to rules and regulations of a particular organisation. It goes further to say that there is honest loyalty,a moment when the surbordinate in honesty will pin point the weaknesses of constituted authority in an effort to correct all ills that Can be an impending dangers to the organisation. This is with the believe to further strengthens the unity, peace among members.

But in a situation when there is no total loyalty, it is there you will get “blind loyalty”, this is when you get praise singers than constructive critics, this class of people only preach the good side of a leader with an aim be enriching their bread of sycophancy, at all times they always have one word to their organization, master (Boss), or party that :”you are the best, no one else can do it like you “.They are mostly found in the political certain, constituting part of the social political menace we have in the country. This group of people are virtually ideologically barren,they only depend on sycophancy (blind loyalty) to survive.

This made me to reflect on the truth and honest kind of loyalty Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, the executive Governor of Adamawa State is having to APC party, the party whose ladder he rode to be where he is today. This is one Governor I know right from the inception,when he defected to APC from the then ruling party (PDP) has displaced an unalloyed loyalty to the party which he along side other strong supporters of the party struggled to make sure it stand strong to weather off the storms ranging against it by other parties in Adamawa State.

To displace his candid loyalty, Bindow is unblinded to be convinced not to work for the people of Adamawa State. Loyalty to any political office holder of APC is to make sure the person work, I mean bringing the goodness of democracy in line with party ‘s constitution guidelines. To be loyal to any party is to work for the people in respective of tribe, religion and even political affinity, only in that way the Political Party will know you are loyal to it as a party.

By whatever standard, by whatever means and by all truth,without being bias or sheer hatred even a blind Man in Adamawa is feeling some huge changes, positive change in all sense that the performing Governor of the State is doing, one of the best working Governor in the country. What more will you also say of this infringing loyalty being demonstrated by the Governor I know he organised a special prayers and fasting retreat for President Muhammadu Buhari speedy recovery and God to give him long life to lead Nigerians to where it is most better and good for them? This Governor, in every gathering will call on the people of Adamawa State to give President Buhari maximum support and corporation to work for the good of all Nigerians.

I think Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow has given the best form of loyalty, by working hard for the interest of the party. He goes to APC meetings at any point in time requested, he dually and honourable give in his support in kind and in cash when the need arises. What else will you say? Bindow is undeniable an APC die hard, a unique loyalist one of his kind, an APC Governor for life who is so much believe in the party doctrines.

Having simply define the word “Loyalty” This draw me back to a purported story carried out by so many media organisations that went viral some time a go preaching that Governor Bindow might dump APC for another party. The Story was accredited to his chief of staff and his campaign Director General, Alh.Abdulrahman Abba Jimeta asserting that Jimeta gave threat of words to delegation of APC during its National convention meeting in Yola to consider dumping the party for lack of being fair to Adamawa State government.

The sincerity of a man is what makes him or her righteous, terming such a person to be God fearing and Pius to be respecting the tenet of religion he or she profess.

I want all Nigerians especially the people of Adamawa State to Critically help me digest and analysis the words of this gentleman Chief Of Staff (Abba Jimeta) may be you and I may deduce wisdom from his genuine confession :

“We here are loyal ,but tell the leadership of the party that there is limit to loyalty and that party business is optional, in fact, even religion you have the right to change it because of pressure, so tell
them we are loyal,but there is limit to that, especially if they are not recognizing us, since we are the army of the party that suppose to enjoy the fruits of the party or out of frustration we join the opposition enemy party.

“Unfortunately, there is no difference between an opposition  state
and APC led state like Adamawa because even appointments at the
federal ,we are not consulted, some of them we don’t even know them”

To me I can only say Abba is begging for an attention from the National headquarters of the party In Abuja,which is never out of place as a politician to do that , he confess to have being loyal but not being encouraged as other states in the country. So to any good thinking man the statement is revealed to be seeking for help and  considering Adamawa state with a ruling feats from the state to the Federal.

The imbroglio comments by opposition and the political attackers of Governor Bindow’s administration attracted the anti attacks reactions of the Commissioner for Information and Strategy,Comrade Ahmad Sajoh decried that the media were not fair to his Boss(Governor Jibrilla) by ascribing such statement by a personal aide. This is to unravel the gospel fact that Abba made that statements on his personal ground not speaking the personal mind of Bindow or his government.

The mouth piece of the Governor insisted that:”We are loyal to the leadership of our Great party APC and the central Government led by our President Muhammadu Buhari in the country”

One can say it in a million times Bindow even in his body language cannot speak to have dreamed of defection to any Political Party of his choice, or his attitude connotes having an agenda of changing a party. In him and around him his mind is for APC.  He sold out his spirit,body and soul to the party that he sacrificed much to have hundreds of million benefits in return. Therefore his loyalty is non negotiable with or without being a governor of Adamawa State.

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