The 2019 elections is no doubt a progressive decision of the electorates to yet decide another four years term for all elective positions in the country. The leading party which is holding the administration helms of the country’s affairs, the All Progressives Congress APC) is facing all sorts of opposition attacks,counter and banter of blames by “perceived” enemies of the ruling party of the woes bedevilled Nigeria and Nigerians.

Adamawa Northern Senatorial zone where Sen Binta Masi Garba Tumba is representing, is currently under the political tension of who becomes the area’s next senator. In the political template many people are jostling to unseat this woman of great virtues who story is Long written in the tablets of history. As the legendary English writer, poet and dramatist of all time, Williams Shakespeare, in his classical comedy, Twelfth Night,” said through Malvolio, “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

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Masi is beyond doubts a great woman all because she availed herself for God to use her talent of leadership to people of all races and places,on receiving the support by the invincible hand of God she received the Grace and knowledge to conduct herself to meet the expectation of the people. Binta ideology to leadership is to see people as the best reason for leaders to be leaders. “Without people there can never be leaders or anything call democracy or act of leadership.”

This come to mind to say that the chances laid before her are tenable and high to make her a senator for the second term. Most likely,come 23rd February elections if the chances come to play in her favor, it’s a no doubt reality that Binta, who is popularly known as the ”Iron Lady” history is going to repeat itself to her favor.


Like Dr. Martin Luther King said he had a dream, and he inspired people to make his dream their own. He knew what it would take to realize that dream, and he showed people how to do it. One thing that is truth said of Binta is the nature of all-inclusive governance in her,a senator who is void of all sort of sentiment, willing to give the best to all people.This her good leadership in-built ability is a broad way question to ask if her opponent can have the thread of better representation than she is representing.

1. Chances of competence: As the people would want to say it;”experience count “, it count because on a general assessment to all those seeking the office of the Northern zone senator, it is on record, no one has dared to break it that the competence in Binta is a giant shoe that her opponent will never dare to wear. Mrs Garba has the spirit of I can do it,a goal getter with wit of competence to fight for her electorates at whatever and for whatever that might cost her to.

Observe her during plenaries,her presentations and composure while articulating her motions, resolutions or observations debating on topical issues that borders to not only the people of Adamawa state but Nigerian as a country.

Her garnered experiences as a lawmaker who represented two separate constituencies (Kaduna South,Kaduna state, Michika/Madagali, Adamawa state) on three occasions at the national Assembly (Green Chambers) have armed the Woman to get wider and broader experience that make her more competent than any other person desiring to be the next senator of Adamawa Northern zone.

Her tenacity and enthusiasm to politics made her to break fallow grounds in representing a male dominated political area representing the people of Kaduna South at the Federal House of representative. This is  a place where the prevailing culture forbid women to be in public domain.  After her first successful tenure, she contested again in 2003 and won against her opponent with a margin of not less than 50,000.

To those who follows her closely will agree that the representation is perfect,cordial and focused to serve Nigerians with her good bills in place,motions and resolutions that is making the country progressing.

With the much legislative experience of senator Binta, it will be in the best interest of Adamawa Northern Senatorial zone to as a matter of people driven representation,and consolidation of assembly duties,and in the best interest of Nigerians to reelect this woman who is a caucus of Adamawa APC.

To many who know Binta too well will attest that she is a woman who has echoes voice to defend her constituent at all cost thus she is nicknamed iron lady or Lady G.

Now her bills is work in progress, the agenda set for Nigeria and the people of Adamawa is a work in progress, her resolutions are work in progress and her motions are work in progress.

2. Chances of general acceptability: Northern Adamawa senatorial zone is consisting of five LGAs, namely; Maiha,Mubi South, Mubi North, Michika and Madagali. Binta Masi firm believer of the tenets of democracy she embarks on a one on one,one to meet two campaign strategy to consolidate her votes than any other candidate of a political party. In all the polling units her supporters that could term die-hard are there Manning the place for her,as a matter of consultations no Ward she didn’t go to seek for reelection.

Her kinsmen and critical stakeholders have been contacted, consulted to see the need of her reelection mandate to be a clarion call for all. Her acceptance is in generalized form to depicts her tested popularity.

3. Her scored card Chance: According to one Iliya Bazza From Michika that in the history of Northern senatorial zone of Adamawa,no senator has done what senator Binta did in terms of projects, empowerment and securing Jobs for her electorates. In the last three years and eight months is not doubt a celebrity who bundle piled of legislative successes in the archives of present Senate assembly.

Legislative duties are practically the work of a well grounded politician who gained much experience to be able to make a difference at the national Assembly.

Binta out of passionate, love for her electorates,I discovered she has done quite a number of capital projects, create jobs for many people, especially the youths and facilitate the present of federal government projects in her constituency.

She create the record and keeping it with much zeal to do much more by doing one projects of the other in all the five LGAs of the zone.

1. National Biotechnology centre situated in Kudzun, Michika LGA.

2.Newly constructed block of two classrooms, store and office in Wuro Gude Primary School, Mubi North LGA

3.Block of 2 classrooms with office at GJSS, Duhu, Madagali LGA

4.Block of 2 classrooms with office at GJSS Jiddel, Michika LGA.

5.Block of 2 classrooms with office at GJSS Kwaccam, Mubi North LGA

6.Block of 3 classroom with 2 blocks VIP toilet, with 1 hand-pump borehole in Dzuel Primary School, Madagali LGA Adamawa State

7.Rehabilitation of Central Primary School, Michika LGA

8.Rehabilitation of GDSS Mujara, Mubi South LGA

9.Rehabilitation of ICT Centre at Central Primary School, Michika LGA

10. Rehabilitation of Lokuwa 1 Primary School, Mubi North LGA

11. Rehabilitation of Fuluwa Primary School, Bazza, Michika LGA

12. Rehabilitation of GDSS Pakka

13. Rehabilitation of Primary Healthcare Centre Duvu, Mubi South

14. Rehabilitation of Primary Healthcare Centre MayoNguli, MaihaLGA

15. Rehabilitation of Primary Healthcare Centre Jigalambu, Michika LGA

16. Block of 2 classrooms with office and store at GJSS, Jalingo, Gulak

17. Upgrading of Mubi North Abattoir (Mayanka)

18. Industrial Solar borehole at Michika Motor Park, Michika LGA.

19. Industrial Solar borehole at Jigalambu, Michika LGA

20. Free Medical Outreaches and surgery in Adamawa North Senatorial District

21. Construction of Bus stop shade at TK Mubi.

22. Sanitation Facility (Gidan Wanka Da Guga) with 5 toilets and one industrial borehole at Jalingo, Madgali LGA

23. Rehabilitated/constructed of 150 hand-pump boreholes across the five LGAs she is representing.

24. Sanitation Facility (Gidan Wanka Da Guga with 5 toilets) at Michika Motor Park

25.Design a special programme for Girl Child Education Programme for class 6 pupils in Michika/Madagali

25. Construction of Boga Dam Gella, Mubi South LGA

26. Embankment of River Yedzaram, Mubi North LGA

27. In an effort to eradicate poverty,Binta donated over 100 tricycles to youths of the zone during one of her empowerment/poverty alleviation programme immediately IDPs of the zone were returned.

28. 150 wheel-chairs were distributed to disabled persons across the senatorial district.

29 She empowered 200 youths with start-up business capital.

30. Skills Acquisition Training done to 500 youth/women on poultry and Fish Farming

31. Distribution of relief materials to IDP’s at Malkoi IDP’s Camp, Yola

32. 5 Siena cars donated to party office in Madagali, Michika, Mubi North, Mubi South and Maiha LGA

32 One Sharon Car to NURTW Mubi Zone.

33. A Picnic car was given to BMG Foundation

34.Sharon Car donated to Government Orphanage Home and Day Care Center, Yola

35. Senator Binta empowered over 1000 widows with various entrepreneurs skills

36.Empowerment of 3000 women with petty cash to go into business

37. Women Sensitization on Hygiene, and distribution of sanitation materials in Madagali and Michika LGA

38. Some beneficiaries of the 1000 women were trained and empowered on livestock production

38. Empowerment of 200 youth with sewing machines and grinding machines

39. Training of 50 water Chlorinators and 6 Supervisors to tackle the issue of Cholera outbreak in Mubi North and Mubi South LGA

40.She gave Refrigerator/generators with saloon sets distributed for youth empowerment/poverty alleviation after their returned as  IDP’s

41. Lab equipment donated to GDSS Mubi

42. Hundreds of mattress distributed after the returned of IDP’s

43. She constructed a garden to the community of Wuro Gude, Mubi North LGA.

4. The incumbency Chance: The All Progressives Congress (APC), the ruling party has caged up all her sons and Daughters who are candidates expecting to be elected in various political office as sacral cows. In the spirit of unity of purpose they redefined the ”Sak” slogan to mean “progress”. One thing that’s sure and sincere reality Binta has the power,she has the will and has the political platforms to win the coming election.

Her electorates in many instances endorsed her,her kinsmen have also endorsed her. The Executive Governor of Adamawa state, Sen Muhammadu Umar Jibrilla Bindo is personally campaigning for her second term return.

This is to say Nigerians need Binta back to perfect the motions,to set a new agenda for her people, the reelection of senator Binta will consolidate the good game plans she has for the electorates of northern zone of Adamawa state.

Please give Binta a second chance!

Tom Garba
Writes this from
Yola,Adamawa State