Boko Haram: My Constituency is safer to conduct credible elections-Sen Binta reassured


In an effort to distancing the All Progressives Congress (APC) party of a purported rumour of the party instigating the recent Boko Haram attacks in Shuwa and Kirchinga area of Madagali LGA,the Senator representing Adamawa state Northern Senatorial zone, Mrs Binta Masi Garba said the attacked was blown out of proportion by the media and the communities of Michika and Madagali are much safer for credible elections.

She bluntly refuted the rumours making around town that some candidates of the ruling party are fuelling the menace activities of Boko Haram for the elections to be taken to safer place.

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She reassured that all her areas are safe and secured for elections to be conducted.

“APC returned in our communities nobody can say that my party can destroy the works of its hands built over the years. If not because of my party good number of people will never return to their homes.

“The rumour is unfounded, rootless and baseless, I’m assuring all my constituents elections will be holding on all the units of the senatorial zone.” Binta said

She continue to say that the Boko Haram remnants are scamming for food,believe to be serious starving at their hideouts in Sambisa which is close to Kirchinga were they have attacked for shortage of food,a reason why few of them came into Shuwa to loot and carted away with food stuff.

She lamented that a social media (Facebook) post that is considered to be fake news by one Man from Michika caused a serious confusion and panic in the whole of Michika, thereby making the media to give the situation undue popularity it deserve.

“Why are we now spreading evil reports against the government that is working hard to curb Boko Haram, kidnapping, killings of all sorts that are becoming the order of the day?” She asked

“Social media are not mean to spread evil reports.” She warned

Garba who is the senatorial candidate of APC told journalists in her Yola residence Said elections is not do or die affairs and her office as senator does not the trouble for someone to die.

“I have every reason to God,if I win is to His Glory, if I don’t is to Him the glory is going to be as He can still have a good plan for me.”