House of Refuge Church: Founding Partner Pst,Barry partways to open a new ministry

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A founding Pastor and inner caucus of House of Refuge Church (HOR) known as Glass dome in Yola,Pst Barry Ausom Shaida through his social media handles (Facebook) has part ways with Pst Biyasa Abraham the Senior pastor who they core founded the church.

Barry who is an intimate Friend and an In-law to Biyasa revealed that God has called him to start a new Church (Ministry) in the city of Yola where it can reach the uttermost part of the world.

According to him God has instructed him to preach to the people of the world by following in His steps,through His Son Jesus who Came to the world to solve the problem of Man kind.

He revealed that”His step Assembly” is the name of the ministry God has now called him to under Shepherd.

He fixed Sunday, 27th January to be the maiden Sunday worship and inaugural service of the church leaders and members at a residence after Alheri Royal Hotel in Masaka,Jimeta Yola,where Pst Daniel Gabon will be the maiden preacher.

HOR is one of the mega church in Yola with the fastest growing members mostly youths and middle aged men identify as a “happening church.”

Recall that HOR was carved out of Life Spring chapel in 2005 with the likes of Barry as ”co-founders and major contributors to the grow of the church financially, numerically and even spiritually.

Checks by indicate that Pst Barry left HOR in an unremonious manner that has not yet been known.

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