2019:Enemy against the Glory of Nigeria shall die!- RCCG Pst Blast

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In a Sunday sermon topic “manifestation of glory”,an under shepherd Pastor with Redeemed Christian Church of God,RCCG who spoke to our reporter incognito led a warfare prayers blasted the enemies of Nigeria.

He fingered out international communities as the major enemies of Nigeria who are working hard to kill its Glory because of the huge economy potential it has.

Given an example of the Ajakuta steeling company that is 99% construction done, but the place has been dormant because of international communities interest is not operational.

“I’m talking on personal view not that of the Church, international communities are our Major enemies, and I think we Nigeria are the not helping ourselves by not praying enough for God to take care of them.” He Said

According to him when one’s glory is shining,enemy begin to eye the glory to kill. He said Nigeria glory is shining and enemy is attacking it.

Assured that year 2019 will be a year that the country’s enemies will be put to shame or destroy totally as the election is drawing nearer.

“Any enemy of Nigeria shall die!” He blasted

The congregants were led into an intense prayers for reclaiming lost glories, prayed against exchanged of glory and those eying their destiny to ”die”in this 2019.

He picked chapter 2 portion of the book of Mathew,verses 1 to 4 and revealed that Jesus came through the manifestation of God’s glory but the devil eyed to destroyed it.

The senior pastor of RCCG was practically mad at the devil activities,whose mission is to be caging people’s glory, led powerful prayers of destruction to the works of the devil,he said when the enemy silence one’s glory mourning and suffering is the result.

While reading Psalm 57:8,Judges 16:19 he opined that some people’s glory has been put or striped off over their life through spiritual means and is only prayers can reverse it.

In a prayer bullets,he led worshipers to pray that every silence glory must speak out as believers glory can no longer sleep.

Prayed and kill every silencer of family and individual’s glory,commanding that people’s glory must wake up,destroying every agents of darkness as caterers,doctors and nurses in the physical and spiritual realm to die.

He further led church members to pray against every waster, emptier of their glory using the blood of Jesus as a cleanser and rinser to neutralise any injected blood and fed food to people by the devil (Satan) to die.

In his final charge, he warned believers to desist from the sins of formication as it can easily destroy one’s destiny.

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