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Adamawa 2019 Politics: Why Fintiri Cannot Be Trusted

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I do wonder what some people use in thinking and making assessment! Definitely not their heads! What is it am I hearing about Fintiri being called the ATM? Definitely, it better not be the Ahmad Fintiri, the former Acting Governor of Adamawa and the Speaker of the Adamawa State House of Assembly that we all know. It should be another Fintiri in which I can succumb.

To begin with, the current PDP candidate spent only less than three months in office as the Acting Governor and yet, the havoc he wrecked on our treasury catches the attention of the anti-graft agencies especially the EFCC and now standing trial for corruptly enriching himself with our resources, looting of our treasury and misappropriation of public funds.

If found wanting, Fintiri is likely going to be jailed for 15 years or more, just like the former Governors of Plateau State, Joshua Dariye and Taraba State, Rev. Jolly Nyame, ( Jalingo Fulanis sarcastically called him Jodu-Nyama), meaning, “sit down and eat” suggesting his being corrupt and a treasury looter.

The gullible among us in Adamawa State in assessing Fintiri, focus only on payment of salary, hence the name “ATM”. What they don’t know is that it was too early to judge some one who spent less than three months in office. If he were allowed to stay in that office for a year or two and was able to sustain the tempo, this is when the name ATM will fit him.

We have to also focus on the other aspects of governance too. For instance, it can be argued that given the evidence and exhibits the EFCC tendered in court while prosecuting Fintiri, he has done an incalculable damage to our common wealth than good. He left the treasurer worst than he met it but many are still ignorant of this fact facing Fintiri in the eye.

The same Fintiri who is standing trial in court is now aspiring to govern the very state he is being prosecuted for looting its treasury blind and you still find some people hailing this move and even thinking of voting him may be. When will the people of this state become wise and leave above this insult from the likes of Fintiri and his party?

Again, one of the attributes of Fintiri is that he is an ethnic bigot and has been found wanting on the area of primordial sentiment. Make no mistake, he is the kind that employs sentiment to exploit our unity in diversity, setting the ethnic nationalities against the Fulanis. For sure, the Fulanis are not safe with Fintiri in power!
Abdulrahman Njidda Esq

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