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Campaign Crowd:Omen Bindo soaring to victory in the coming guber election

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Last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are days characterized with beehives of activities at the Mahmud Ribadu square as a result of Bindo’s campaign flagging off ahead of the 2nd March,2019.

The unprecedented thousands of people gathered at the square will be an indelible recorded events in the history of Adamawa state of it kind to never have taken place in the state.

The towns of Yola, Jimeta and the 21 LGAs were busied with commuters,vans and tricycle conveying people to the venue.

The uncommon gathered crowd to many is an indication that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is a party to beat in Nigeria and Adamawa state. As its enshrined in the democracy norms and principles,people are the leaders leading in an indirect ways by electing few individuals to lead them by way of delegation or representation.

The anomalous large assembly of people are mostly loyalists and supporters of Gov Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindo of Adamawa state who to them is perfecting and redefining leadership in another form. Consolidating work to development in infrastructure, health, education, Youths and women empowerment.

LGAs who felt victim of Boko Haram insurgents have seen Buhari and Bindo as the best leaders in the whole world to might have made the impossible possible of resettling them. No wonder UN have adjudged that Adamawa state have the most fastest communities to have recovers from the ills of boko haram.

The square which filled to its capacity with an overflows of people in it’s four basic corners, hearing the high output of gigantic public address in its succinct clarity. The influx of people from major roads of Jimeta and Yola cities is resulting to traffic jambs in most of the roads.

Enterprising Youths and Women have leveraged on the multiplier effects of the campaign flag off to earn a living. Selling foods and drinks of differences types,barbecues of cow meat,vendors of all sorts had their field day by making good sales.

On an interview to some participants, they revealed that their coming is to prove to the world that Gov Bindo is the next Governor of Adamawa state by God’s willing, because he proved beyond reasonable doubts that he has done well as the messenger of the Masses in the Last three years and half.

Isa Adamu who came into Yola from Shelleng LGAs three days before the commencement of the event, described Gov Bindo as a worthy servant,who gave his best stewardship to the people of the state in an unreserved form and they will give him all the support to come back again for the second term under the APC banner.

Another participant from Toungo LGA who call himself Bukar Bindo, a die-hard of President Muhammadu Buhari said he sold his cows and grains just to sponsor people to attend the occasion.

“I don’t want processed information, I want to be a living witness in order to be a good town crier and a testify of what actually happen at the Ribadu square today, I decided to sell my cows and bags of Rice to sponsored about 100 people to show our solidarity to APC,our Party and Bindo our next Governor.” He said

To Baba Jiki,a Member of APC simply said “Buhari/Bindo is victory assured in 2019 insha Allah (God’s willing) because we don’t have their type in the history of Nigeria and Adamawa state.)”

Another celebration part of the event is the number of those defected to the ruling party in order to support Gov Bindo’s dream second term ambition. About 11 gubernatorial candidates of various staged out to follow APC with hundreds of their supporters. PDP national leader, Sen Paul Wampana was among those defected with firm decision to bring back Buhari and Bindo in this 2019 elections.

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