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2019:Bindo has promote the fortunes of APC-Sale Kinjir,Adamawa ace politician

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An experienced Adamawa state politician,a stalwart of People’s Democracy Party (PDP) later defected to People Democracy Movement (PDM),Mr Sale Kinjir said Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindo of the state has promote the fortunes of All Progressives Congress (APC) with laudable records of achievements.

Kinjir who recently decamped to APC revealed that it’s the performance of Jibrilla in transforming the state had attracted him to join the ruling party in the interest of overall development of the State after wide consultations.

He said that the record in place under Bindo’s administration in Adamawa state has given APC a highest chance to form a government for the second term as the ruling party that’s internationally recognised.

“Bindo is not-self opinionated,this is a young man who honestly give himself to serve his people,as a Governor for the first time his performance is wonderfull.

“After many consultations,i decided to come back to APC to team up with him for the progressive of Adamawa state.” Kinjir Said

According to him the APC Party is Stronger after the internal wrangling of Party primaries and he cannot see a party that is fit enough to replace it in 2019 elections.

The former commissioner scored card Buhari regime in the area of security by given it an “A” mark grade,in the area of economy growth through empowerment and Job creation,revenue generation and security improvement,saying that non has done like Buhari in the aforementioned areas.

As a Christian elder statesman,Sale enjoins Christians to be truly Christians by exhibiting the nature and character of Jesus by being good to all people irrespective of tribe,religion and place of origin.

He admonish Christians in whichever dominion to be actively involved in politics,join political parties of their respective choices because it’s what produces good or bad leaders as far as democracy is concern.

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