Gombi/Hong :Albert Atiwurcha,the coming home of the lion King

The constituency of Gombi/Hong of the Federal House of Representatives will never forget the pragmatic representation of Pharm. Albert Atiwurcha who left a positive scar that will ever lingers on in the minds of his constituents. He joined politics in 2001 Contested and won election to the Nigeria House of Representatives known as the green chambers,the second highest body of lawmaking.

Young Albert full of vigor and high spirit of astute leadership while at age 35 represented huge duo LGAs of Hong/Gombi as the youngest Representative ever elected to the house. He displayed an inbuilt character of a good young politician,a feat today many scholars recorded and opined as one of the reasons that young people can now aspire to any position hitherto seen as impossible.

As Young as he was,among elderly colleagues who were old enough to father him but equipped with high sense of maturity in wisdom revealing no trace of novelty in him, a House committee on Rural development was given to him to chair. The office he held well to give him room to initiate,push up bills and motions, many of his bills have fully became laws to the benefit of Nigerian people. He also turned the committee a more than deserve office,as through the committee he was seen a defending voice to the house, created an image that best Sweetable to the honourable house, Oratored the affairs of the House with high form of precision.

One of his standing tall bills that will still have relevant to generation yet unborn is on Rural Access and Mobility programs (RAMP),knowing and seeing its diverse effects on the people of this country, the bills is now effectively taken charge of the rural roads using the beneficiaries communities as stakeholders in keeping and maintaining the roads. Because of this bill in place,in so Many towns and villages of Nigeria economy activities has been boasted as there are access roads to linking communities. Because of brilliant innovations of a young Man today,indeed one will confidently say Nigerians and of course the people of Hong/Gombi will ever remain grateful.

Many are looking and counting on him to be the one only man that will support President Muhammadu Buhari to safe and recreate a new Nigeria through his wealth and intelligent ideas and laws.

Knowing his strength in politics,Governor Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindo appointed him to be one of his Senior Adviser, serving on the board of Government House Chapel,Yola and also representing North-East on the board of Nigeria Wrestling Federation (NWF).

While at the national Assembly Albert was bend on making sure that his duty as a law Maker is not relegated at the back drop as within the few months spend in the House there were many meaningful motions he raised at the floor of the House in his name still relevant for nation building.

Aside sponsoring and processing Bills into law Albert as a matter of duty taken physical projects of construction and rehabilitation,provide portable water to communities in Daksiri ward. Hosere zum ward. Thilbang ward. Hong ward and shagui ward (Hong LGA) Other communites are Gombi one ward,Gaanda ward Fotta Ward,Garkida ward (Gombi),reminding them that is part of the dividends of democracy which is at work.

This his standing tall qualities of a good leader and as an unassuming team player in the quest for changing Adamawa state and country in general for nation building.

Prior to his rise to fame as a politician, Atiwurcha worked as a Medical Representative of ROCHE NIG. LTD, where he was controlling Northern states,the vision conceived by him pushed him to become a principal partner of CAPRAV in 1997 pharmaceutical consultancy firm. Now a business mogul as the chairman of Guildpharma and J and J Hotels limited.

Albert who studied pharmaceutical Sciences with much expertise in drugs administration, but his ingenuity and versility of knowledge has no doubt placed him a voice to be reckon with in the affairs of the local politics down home, playing a vital role on who becomes what and his voice commands respect to old and young in taken political cogent decisions in Hong/Gombi LGAs

On leaving the House in 2007 the name Albert Atiwurcha is now a households name,answering the LION KING as he built up nest of Political,people and business empires both within and outside the shores of Adamawa state.

His meticulous growth of politics in the local and even the state level is geometrical rising. From 2007 to date his imparts were missed at National Assembly,his people had and felt it bad now the want him back again,wanting the second phase of his well,matured and cooked political good wills. A clarion call they described “the coming Home of the lion King” becoming a noticeable ever since at a time when it was fashionable to sell integrity and honour for a paltry some of naira, this adorable man stood his ground, paid his dues in ensuring that good representation takes its place of pride, for the record, the mantra ”change” didnt come to play by accident. Suffices to
say Albert Atiwurcha lacks in Adamawa standard of measuring wealth, he has in abundance in good nature, good health, amazing grace, respect, honour, competence, wisdom, peace including good friends, associates,political allies and Well wishers that would go to war with him without a request and without hesitation to take the Hong/Gombi constituency to the promised Land.

To them is a welcome back come 2019,the green chambers, a special seats in the front is awaiting the giant Lion who is tip toeing to crunch any other Lion who will bring stagnation and retrogressions in the life of his adorable and respectful people of his constituency.

Yes! Certainly of course a good leader is not made overnight while charity begins at home. Albert is a product of good marriage, family life and dependable allies, the reason he enjoys peace and supports both at home front and at national level. It is for these reasons and many more the space and time would not allow one to write that I doff my hat to an iconic LION KING of all Lions, a political generalissimo and ever smiling, ever loving and ever hard working Man. Political historians would have some stories to tell in the nearest future that Young Albert has emensely contributed to the development of Nigeria when it comes to enacting laws,pushing Bills and rising motions at the green chambers.

The people of Hong/Gombi have called again, from today onward Albert have step forward to once again change the narratives of the area that was “once open a time there has been one Albert”.As democrats who live in advance democracy, his people yells they willing to work with him to make sure every indigene of Hong/Gombi enjoys the dividend of democracy.

A shrewd politician who is seeing and symbolising Nigeria as a glorious Horse whose pride,Strength and beauty will be unassuming if it is never left in the hands of selfish Nigerians.Considering him to be a rare gem amongst the many ones however, is one man who stands conspicuously taller than many up coming politician in character, honesty, integrity, achievements from now to coming 2019

Born 21st June,1968 in Pella, Hong local Govt. Kilba by tribe from Hong. A 1991 graduate of pharmacy from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Tom Garba wrote this
From Yola,Adamawa state

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