Modi In Numan: Who are they Insulting?

These are sure interesting times in my state, Adamawa, we are witnessing a big display of desperation from aspirants of political offices. Top of the list with on that is APC gubernatorial aspirant, Mahmood Halilu Ahmed (Modi).

Modi’s desperation was again an evident when he visited Numan for campaigns, in his overzealous will to condemn the incumbent, Senator Muhammad Umar Jibrilla Bindow, he ended up embarrassing himself and the government at the Federal level.

Modi lamented the incessant killings in the southern zone of the State and blamed the Bindow administration for that, after calling the people of the town beggars. And he blindly didn’t see the tension and anger in the eyes of the people as he went about calling them names. How on earth can you go on a campaign and then resort to insulting the electorates? Only power hungry politicians like Modi can answer that.

It’s even more shocking that Modi didn’t see the embarrassment he caused when he blamed Bindow for the insecurity issues in the state. And nobody is in his camp is smart enough to tell him that blaming Bindow on the insecurity issues is lame and everything he said is just seen as an insult to the federal government. It’s is so sad that Modi went to Numan and insulted the President like that without even realizing it. And yet this is a man who wants to be a governor of my state, a man that doesn’t even understand how the government works.

I expect Modi to know that there are some security that are beyond the game of politics. If he had consulted with the likes of Hamma Batchama, Timawus Mathias, Moris Vanobalki , Felix Tangwame or men like that, they will give him a clearer picture of how hard things have been there – and above all, the VP and SGF could all attest to this. It’s belittling that Modi resorted to this dangerous game just to gain votes.

On a general note, the APC gubernatorial primaries on Sunday will be litmus test for the party and a vote for Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade. Already tongues are wagging about whether PMB’s anti-corruption war is a farce or reality? The President rode to power in 2015 on the back of a promise to fight corruption, and with his fine record as corrupt-free Head of State many believed the president has developed a cult like followership and all points to such expectations. But many are also quick to dismiss this calling it a ruse.

The doubting thomases cite PMB’s stand on cases of corruption involving people closed to him and his indecision to prosecute them or sack them has become the major default. The gubernatorial primaries across the federation may confirm both people’s perception of the president and his party.

In Adamawa State, attention is closely monitored due to the personalities involved. The party has adopted indirect primary for the state. The state party Working Committee has been suspended by the national leadership. Many are already crying blue murder. The sins of the SWC according to the NEC is that they are partisan. The SWC had endorsed the governor for the second term. But many are interpreting it otherwise.

In Sunday’s election, Bindow is being challenged by Modi and Nuhu Ribadu. Bindow is going to the poll on his performance as the governor over the last three years. It is well known that Bindow has performed well in areas of road construction. He has opened many areas for development. Although, many points at the cost of the roads, failing to understand the inflation rate has affect cost of production.

They often stressed the cost paid during the previous regime without minding the exchange rates. Also, Bindow has tried to portray himself as a statesman by trying to be at peace with every political and interest group in the State. This is reflected in his appointments in the State. But to some political analysts, this is also his greatest undoing. For them, Bindow has failed to sanction any of his appointees even when their loyalty has been to other parties and has also affected their performances in their respective schedule.

His performance generally, could have done better. Majority are taking his simplicity and humbleness as weakness. Well, i dont see it that way, anyway. For Modi Halilu, alot cannot be said of him except he is President Buhari’s in-law. His gubernatorial campaign is coordinated by the disgraced former SGF Babachir Lawal, the self appointed APC leader and no show Gundiri.

I pity my state.

Umaru Abu Lawal wrote from Numan town and can be reached

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