Demsa: We can’t have a better lawmaker than Lumsambani-Panam

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An indigene of Borong District area,Demsa Local government of Adamawa state,Mr Michael Panam extols the representation of Hon Lumsambani Mijah Dilli to be a boron one with effectiveness the constituency has ever witnessed.

According to him for the first time in the history of Demsa Constituency a lawmaker has awarded scholarship to students of less privilege background and facilitate both physical infrastructures and empowerment programs to be brought to the area.

Panam who is a grass root mobiliser, extols Dilli to be a Man with the character of humility and down to earth nature of Love and care to all the people of his constituency.

“This Man has spread across constituency projects in the 10 wards and embark on his personal empowerment program of given help to the needy, skills acquisition to our youths and empowering women with business start up capital.

” I’m one of his good will benefactor since before he became a politician, Dilli has been a supporter of Mbula communities I pray the Lord to keep him and sustain him.

“In 2019 I advice every politician to sheaths their swords and support Lumsambani for effective representation.” Panam Said

He call Demsa Politicians to eschew politics of bitterness but to embrace the unity style of politics that will bring development to the area.

He further made a passionate appeal to the Government of Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow to effectively use security apparatus in place to bring an end to Herders and Farmers clashes in the area.

”We are killing ourselves in the name of tribe or ethnicity sentiment, please the government to should do something fast to scuttle the menace behavior of people doing this crime against humanity. ” He added

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