Adamu a victim of domestic violence,facing dead threat as a result of Parents negligence in Yola

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Hajiya Amina Bako a Former wife to Muhammadu Idi Audu Gurgu has raised an alarm for the rescuing of her nine year Son,Adamu Muhammadu who was in the intensive care of Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Yola as a result of starvation and hard labour.

Amina who is popular known as Larabiyu narrated the ugly story befalled her Son in Yola the very day Idi,her erstwhile Husband divorced her eight years ago.

According to her she had a distress call from Yola while in Damaturu,her new place of Marriage that she should do haste and come her Son is collapsing, terrible sick and in a Verge of losing his life.

“The moment I arrived Yola I made a call to his father (Former Husband) that I’m in Yola in regards to Adamu’s health,was reliably informed is critically ill. My former Husband replied that Adamu is sick but you cannot see him, it took the intervention of relations and friends for me to see my Son.

”When I set my eyes on him,I saw Adamu collapsed, motionless and stretched and not talking to me,there I rushed him to the hospital (FMC) where the Doctors diagnosed him to be in a serious trauma and starvation.

” As I’m talking to you my Son is responding well to treatment calling on authority concern to allow me go with Adamu and his elder Brother,Usman who is 11 years old as already four of their other siblings are with me schooling in Damaturu. ”

“I dont think Mallam Muhammadu is ready to train this children well to be good and benifit the society hence there is little or no attention from him to do that.”Amina alleged

She continue to allege that her former husband is not making any concerted efforts to even put the lad in school,their life and General up keep is seriously at stake.

She established a fact that one Aisha Wuro Hausa,currently married to Mallam Audu her former husband is threatening to kill her children by sending a dead threat SMS to her.

The text message which was send in Hausa two years ago thus:

“Assalammu allaikum da fatan kun Isa lafiya. Kas wani hanzari baguduba kin
bar baya da kura nai alkawarin sharin da kukayi mini sai na rama. Inji dai yaran ki kika bari?”

It’s simply and vividly translated thus:

“Peace be upon you,hope you have arrived safe. But you cannot be running more than your shadow as you left behind Issues, I promised to repay back all the evils you have done to me,don’t forget, is it not your children you left behind?”

Larabiyu insist that it is because of this and many Sundry issues Adamu and his brother are minors,she wants all the six children to be with her for proper up bringing, calling on well meaning Nigeria to help her rescue the life of Adamu.

According to her the SMS message is scaring her all the ,making her not to be comfortable on hearing bad news about her kids in Yola.

In his response her former Husband, Mallam Muhammadu Audu Gurgu Said the whole matter is in court and the treatment of his son was fully funded by him,not as his ex wife is trying to suggest.

“Is my son and his 10 days at the FMC was fully shoulder by me, I thank God the boy is OK and discharged.

” I can’t really figure out what this woman wants from me,she took the matter to the court, we all gave our own side of the stories, then what does she want of peddling stories of hatred against me here and there?” He Said

He denied that his current wife want to kill his son as Amina is just being mischievous and economical with the truth may be benefiting from spreading heresies against me.

“The text message she is talking about is two years old and nothing of such has happened, my wife didn’t kill Adamu since she left him at the age of one is it now that the she will kill Adamu that is already a growing Man,that woman is evil and propagating hatred against me,setting my children against me.” He lamented

Mallam Audu also refuted the allegations of his inability of sending his children to school, claiming that Adamu and his other brothers are all in school.

“Can you agree with that her accusations? Why won’t i put my children in school? I’m a retired civil servant and I Know the value of education and somebody will just accused me of not wanting my children to be educated?” He asked

” For your information, I have children of others relation that are up to 10 presently in my House which are under my care,is it my own blood children that will not take care of them? ” He asked

“She stole my two elders daughters that ought to be secondary school graduate while in Islamic high school Yola,I didn’t say anything wandering about with false information against me.

” You see I’m a Man and those children are mine,four of them are with her but for these one I can’t release them to her because they are my joy and my pride.” Audu Said

While trying to Confirm the true condition of Adamu Health our reporter put a call through the Medical Director of FMC, Prof Awwal Abubakar said he will get back to him up the time of filing this report.

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